Idle Evil Clicker: Hell Tap is a devilishly addictive game that allows you to embrace your devilish side. As the ruler of hell, your goal is to gather souls and build a thriving demonic empire. Tap to summon minions, collect souls, and unleash hellish powers on unsuspecting humans. Upgrade your minions to increase their efficiency and unlock new abilities. Expand your empire by constructing buildings and upgrading them. Dive into the dark and addictive world of Idle Evil Clicker: Hell Tap and become the ultimate ruler of hell!

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4PdgTWVY827November 25, 2023
SyYWg62lXG737December 3, 2023
2pil80Nkq726December 19, 2023
HZfTDqlgSaj735January 17, 2024
E8v0IVua3Y589January 19, 2024

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.

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They haven't even tried to fix the issues. Freezing up after watching the ad video to get rewards, then you get screwed out of your reward. It used to be occasional now it's every other video freezes. Dont waste your money buying upgrades either cause when you have to reinstall the game, which you probably will, you lose all your purchases !!!!!!!

I've had trouble with the promotions to get extra stuff in the game if I watch an ad, I'll watch the entire ad and when I go to click off of the ad, because the ad is over, it will bring me to the Play Store or Google Chrome and when I press the back arrow to get out of whatever window it opened it will restart the game and I don't ever get my reward. It's getting annoying to say the least.

I used to play this game when it first came out. It wasn't bad expect for cashing all the time then. Now it doesn't crash except for the random pop up ads that blank screen making you have to close and lose progress, and the ad bat makes it unbearable! He never goes away. He comes back 2 seconds after declining the offer and never goes away. Edit: HOW ABOUT NO. I don't want to pay for ad removal of a code YOU purposely rewrote to have him constantly on screen. This isn't his org coding.

Would give this 4 stars, but the click bait ads for it are extremely misleading. This is similar to games like adventure capitalist, but require much less clicking. Basically, clicking will not help your speed, only the strategy and purchases. It looks as if, at this time, the images of the game supplied on its app page along with the video, are accurate representations of actual game play. If you saw the ads where you're figuring out puzzles, if that's a part of this, I have yet to see it.

It started out interesting, with the chance to unlock the various stations. But once the stations are unlocked, it just becomes repetitive. The number of duplicate puzzle pieces you get makes trying to progress further all the more frustrating, getting strings of them before you finally get a piece you don't have. And that only becomes more frustrating after you unlock all stations. It was a decent curiosity until you unlock all the stations, then it just becomes repetitive with little variation.

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TAP frenziedly and torture sinners in DEMON Bug fixes and technical improvements

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