Home Design Makeover is a popular game that allows players to unleash their inner interior designer. With a variety of levels and challenges, players can renovate different rooms in virtual homes. From modern kitchens to cozy living rooms, the game provides a wide range of furniture, decor, and design options to choose from. Utilize your creativity and design skills to transform dull spaces into stunning masterpieces. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Home Design Makeover is the perfect game to indulge in your passion for home design.

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L7oyBj8U737November 27, 2023
f2heZ0tXTp633December 10, 2023
GYsQbzjX9474January 10, 2024
cLas8YPb5wx160November 27, 2023
4PsVdpF87r981January 17, 2024

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Home Design Makeover Tier List

The game is great and very addictive. But a glitch has suddenly happened. A team rally graphic keeps flashing.And one is unable to play it, at least I am not. Uninstall reinstalled period turn off phone turned on phone. This is the heads up. Most importantly, i'm unable to access customer support on the app as I can't open anything. It looks like i'm out.

Storm8 just wants your$$ Forget about getting any help if you have an in game issues it's no longer about the fun of the game. Everything is a challenge that requires one thing, and it's not skill or smarts or anything fun. it's friggin$$$ This game can be fun most days. I wish it was less of a money grab. Many levels are fun, but a lot of them are rigged That's very frustrating & unappealing. Other than that, I guess it's a cool game.

Edit 10/24/23 The game has become glitchy. It will freeze and go back to the home screen in the middle of a puzzle. I would give this game 5 stars because the games are challenging but not unattainable. The rooms vary from charming and quaint to luxurious and elegant. The furniture and decor is visually appealing and realistic. Two drawbacks: 1- There hasn't been any new rooms added in a while. It is displaying "coming soon." 2- Personally, I'd enjoy more exterior design opportunities

I used to love this game and was willing to watch an ad to get two extra moves, but when they started requiring you to watch another ad to get the two promised moves, and then another, and the final frustration: watching the ads and not getting the moves at all, requiring you to start all over again in the level. It's a very deceptive practice and I'm about done with this!

I used to love this game so much. However, it keeps "glitching." Whenever you watch ads to get rewards, the rewards are not there. Feels on purpose to get you to watch extra ads, but then they don't give you the extra moves you're supposed to get. It happens almost every single time. It's super annoying and, again, feels like it's on purpose, so that's just deceitful and wrong. I don't mind the extra ads if I'm actually getting what the game promises, but that's not the case with this one 👎🏼

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