Hello Neighbor is a popular stealth horror game that keeps players on the edge of their seats. The game revolves around sneaking into your neighbor’s house to uncover the dark secrets hidden within. With its intense gameplay and unpredictable AI, players must use their wits to outsmart the neighbor and avoid being caught. Hello Neighbor offers a unique and immersive experience, challenging players to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles as they unravel the mysteries of their neighbor’s strange behavior. Are you ready to unlock the secrets that lie behind your neighbor’s door?

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The game is interesting and makes you think, but it's also quite buggy and the controls sometimes don't work or do something they're not supposed to. It's not really scary, the game gives a clear memo when you're being chased, and being caught has little repercussions. After awhile, it's incredibly easy to make a fool out of the neighbor, but I still struggled because of bugs and janky controls. I like the concept, but the mobile version definitely needs time in the shop.

This was fun, but the reason I'm giving it a 4 star is because you can get really scared to go into his house and that is the only way you escape, there are other levels that you have to level up for the basement, it is on a phone yes, but sometimes it does not save your progress it is good but kinda annoying, you cannot change to the other levels even if you want to. It tells you what the controls are but sometimes that dosent help always.

I'm also having the same issues as the other comments, the language and autosave, but on top of that I've found that once I get to the brick wall my game freezes, it's really annoying because I have to restart the basement part, which means moving a bunch of stuff and switching things all over again. This game is really really fun, but these issues are making it difficult to keep playing. I was considering getting the full version, but I'm not so sure :( hopefully it can be fixed soon

The game is really fun and challenging, but I do have a few problems. The game never saves. I got back on many times just to find me back at the very beginning. The language and friendly mode won't stay the same. I tried putting friendly mode on, then it stayed for a few seconds. The language is always different. If I click English it wont do anything. How I know that is when it gives me instructions it is in another language. After all, the game is really fun. Please try to fix this.

This game is amazing! I'm surprised you guys were able to Port it over to mobile but there's one issue I've been having on act 3, after a certain amount of time trying to complete it I would lose the red key and the crowbar, making me restart the whole act again just to retrieve them. This bug is annoying and I hope it'll be fixed so I can actually finish the act and continue this awesome game.

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