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- 500 gold, 100 gems, 5 rubies, 10 diamonds, 3 pieces of equipment, 2000 units of resources, and $100,000 in money.

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- 1000 gold, 500 gems, $10000, 10 diamonds, 500 resources, 2 equipment, 5 items for Heavy Construction Simulator.

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
ow7jPc4u318October 20, 2023
mkVInq6utY353November 1, 2023
GuUKrBMZY921October 26, 2023
bv98WTRjBs2300November 9, 2023
Jx0M2TjkiD994November 15, 2023

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If you’re in a house or building right now, then chances are it was put together with some heavy machinery involved. We’ve all seen them. And typically kids love to play with toys resembling them, myself included. But what about controlling a real one? Well, while most of us don’t get that chance, at least we have simulators to fill that void. And that’s where Heavy construction simulator Switch comes in. Which is the best and give you the real experience of the field of construction Machinery.

Not even close srry to sound rude but... on both excavator and loader you make it impossible to use multiple hydrolic cyliders at same time. Cant rotat my house on excavator. Unrealistic to turn around ecery time when all you really do is track back and forth in rl.

Kids game only. I ran excavation equipment + tandem dump trucks for 20 years. This game is some what close but no cigar. Needs work. I really wanted to get into the game. Sorry I've had it with it. Deleting it now. To Bad.

Very new to it ill give a real review after playing a few days. So far it's pretty cool.

I'm very very grateful when it comes to playing this game of course i can play this game up to the last level as it is my favorite game and app if you don't download it do away with the app quickly thanks

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Project work in machine games, driving truck is vital in Heavy Excavator games

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