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To redeem a coupon for Philo, enter the code during the checkout process on the Philo website or app to enjoy a discount on your subscription.

Philo Coupon reviews

The price is a little spendy for the level of stored content mixed with the commercial frequency, and the app isn't available for PlayStation users (which is my primary source). They also seemingly recently removed the "New Episodes This Week Section" which was how I decided what to watch on it. Otherwise, it's quite nice; the content isn't widely available elsewhere, and the app itself works well.

I'm not understanding how we're asked to pay 25 dollars a month, and there's still so many ads. And the ads are almost 3 mins long! Plus there's no rewind button, you just have to guess how long ago you want to rewind it, and there's no skip ahead button to fast forward the parts I already seen. I just wanted to watch JSFV season 6&7 and this is the only place to watch it. So pleeease either lower your monthly cost or get rid of there being soooo many ads!!!

For the price, it's unbeatable. My issue, though, is the channel guide it isn't set up like other channel guides on other platforms. The channel guide looks like saved content. You can't watch something on one channel and search the channel guide for something else without the channel you're watching closing down. It would be great if Philo had that option.

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