Galaxy Control: 3D strategy is an exhilarating mobile game that transports players to an intergalactic world of warfare and conquest. With stunning 3D graphics, players can build their own base, strengthen defenses, and train armies to engage in epic battles with players from around the globe. The game offers various strategic elements, including resource management, alliance formation, and tactical decision-making, ensuring a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. With regular updates and new features, Galaxy Control: 3D strategy continues to captivate gamers and keep them coming back for more interstellar warfare.

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This game is pretty good. It is not pay to win by any means. You have the option to pay and advance faster but you don't have to at all. The thing that annoys me is some of controls are a little annoying. The best example is upgrading walls. If you have 100 walls you have to upgrade them each individually... It gets really annoying instead of having an option to upgrade a row or group of them. Overall for a free game, it is pretty solid. I like it alot. They also update the game a lot 👍

Another pay-to win game. It was fun at first but then it got dull and repetitive. I can't upgrade anything without upgrading certain units because that other unit needs upgrading. It's confusing and isn't well organised. You have to wait hours just to upgrade one building/unit before you can progress. Suddenly your troops keep dying because they are too weak to fight, this is to force people to buy resources which is sneaky. Recent update takes it longer to load. I don't like it anymore.

Big fan of the game as it reminds me so much of StarCraft, but different. Had a bug and I was able to report and the devs got it fixed. Thank you for a great game and support! My only complaint is that they slowed game progress by limiting the number of redmin you can earn via battle. Unfortunate.

Been playing this game for a decade. This is so expensive to play if you want to advance anything. The upgrade time also is too slow. When you reached some units/structure level, the next time will take almost a month to complete the upgrade.

Don't know what went wrong....., i updated the game yesterday and now every time i log in.., it just stops. Please fix..., sorry i don't have enough money to give you.

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Ultimate strategy game! Build your base and battle with other players online! - Diamond Pass!
- Account name change and international character support for account names
- National character support for squad names
- New units for the Destroyer skin
- Rebalance of the Maverick unit

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