FreezeTag Online: Realtime takes the classic game of FreezeTag to the digital world. Join players from around the globe in this thrilling online multiplayer game. Run, hide, and tag opponents in real-time to score points and become the ultimate FreezeTag champion. Customize your character, unlock power-ups, and strategize your moves to outwit your opponents. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, FreezeTag Online: Realtime promises hours of fun and excitement. Are you ready to freeze, tag, and conquer the online gaming world? Play FreezeTag Online: Realtime now!

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FreezeTag Online : Realtime Tier List

The game is really fun, but the one thing that bothers me is when I'm in the freeze tag mode the tagger is able to hit me from 5-10 meters or however the game measurement is away, but when I am the tagger I can't even do that, even when I have a really low ping, or high ping. Another thing is that why have two extra currencies instead of just a main one and an extra? I think it would just be easier to have it like that, instead of having cubes as well. This is what sucks for me. It is still fun.

I liked the game but somehow while ot's loading up, it got stuck on a 50% and then I had to shut it down to restart the game , well technically, controls are a bit hard, you kept on being tag, and then costumes are being locked, and somehow , there are no english speaking player :( but yes overall fair with the ads on it

Hello dear developers :) The game is great and deserves more people to know about it. But I have one problem, ads are not loading. Sometimes it loads, but most of it doesn't. Please fix this, or tell me the reason why it doesn't work.

When i play freeze tag mode and the round starts connection always come in middle of the game in 1 second always

I can't play this game anymore. The battle won't start because it lack players. I'm nearly losing an interest in this game. I rated this game 1 star for you to be inform but I'm not hating this game. Please fix this as soon as possible, make it playable again. Make a server that lots of players can play there and can match a battle instantly.

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