Are you up for a challenge? Get ready to put your detective skills to the test with Find Out: Find Hidden Objects! This addictive game will have you searching for hidden items in various scenes, from bustling cities to mysterious forests. With stunning graphics and intuitive gameplay, Find Out will keep you entertained for hours on end. Sharpen your observation skills and embark on this thrilling adventure today. Download Find Out: Find Hidden Objects now and see how many objects you can uncover!

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This game is actually super fun and challenging! There should be a list of the movements you can use because sometimes you have to shake or long press and it isn't apparent at some points. Once you play a few levels you sort of figure out what can be used though. Definitely recommend they even give you the option I'm game to give them feedback about the hints they give to better help the users.

The Viking War. Can't see/get to the whole left side where campfire is so can't complete/get three stars. The ad free option doesn't delete all the ads. & dev. response to it being a "few seconds"? More like 20-30! & I don't get the troubleshooting. No one responds to the ?/help so what's the point of that feature? I've hit that ? ALL the time & I don't see changes/responses. An email exchange would be better to know that SOMEONE is actually responding. Otherwise it's a lesson in futility

This game is amazing! The art/desgin inside the levels is top tier.. The balance between difficult "finds" and more obvious ones is perfect, too! I loose track of time while in this game lol. Now with saying that, the ads are crazy ridiculous..... I don't mind ads so I dealt with it while trying some levels. I ended up loving it so much, I paid the $1.99(I believe.. maybe 2.99 lol) and it was a good decision. Now the game is just awesome, and so enjoyable!! This game was a good "find" lol

a s#!t load of ads. I almost rated it lower if the gameplay wasn't as fun as it's been. The English is pretty bad and some of the ways to do things can be ridiculous (i.e. you can't open a window using one finger, you need to use two.). Also, to address the Dev's response to this ahead of time, there's a difference between ads to help development and ads that are just greedy. it's at the greed point now. It's really too bad because this would make the game great if they fixed these issues...

This game has a little bit of everything, hidden items, puzzles, idle clicker... the art is absolutely lovely and whole app looks great and coherent. Can't stress how much I like the art. and some of the puzzles are really clever. I just wish it wouldn't be an ad farm. You spend more time looking at ads (or like me just looking away waiting for them to be over) than actually playing. Yes you can pay to remove the pop-up ones, but still the game is ridden with tons of ads you WILL play.

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Can you find all the hidden objects? Knock, knock, trick or treat!
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