Fancade is a collection of arcade puzzles for a great time. Tetris, cool cube runner, races, three in a row, tags, simple platformers, logic tasks, pixel mosaic – there are a lot of games included here.

There is a level editor, so you can play both an adult gamer and a kid. Minimalistic, unpretentious design, reminiscent of pixels, minecraft and Lego at the same time, looks unobtrusive, but very pleasant. With tons of built-in tools and a huge collection of unique cubes, you can create buildings, landscapes, and even entire games – all you have to do is use your imagination.

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
fVUErBKl7Gb March 25, 2023 133
FjXtoPUlwuhK January 29, 2023 619
g46Ml1eCYh February 5, 2023 504
vhKRWqr69Us February 20, 2023 172
YrRZnfpQmhN March 27, 2023 382

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This game is awesome. All of the mini-games are simple yet challenging. The ads are minimal and if you're about to lose but pause and retry your level instead, you can avoid ads altogether. My only suggestion would be implementing a way to get hints if you're stuck on a level. Some of the mini-games are super stumping to the point of going on YouTube to see how to solve a particular level. Otherwise, amazing game!

The game is super Fun! I have made my own games and my friends really enjoy them!! And I have discovered a passion of game developing!! Sure there are some bugs but I guess those are just me. Please add tutorial on important information like how to move the camera around, I keep getting into weird angles. Also please fix this problem: whenever I make a huge map, the camera bugs out and some stuff get glitched out of view. And they don't appear til I get closer to them

I love this game's art style, versatility of minigames, and creativity with minimalism. However, there is one major problem with the game: it can be quite frustrating. Some of the minigames don't work good with touch controls (the biggest culprit of this being Pivot), and the decision to sometimes play ads after a death can be annoying, even though those ads are pretty infrequent. Not every minigame and level has this problem, but the ones that do make it difficult to appreciate this masterpiece

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Simple games. And lots of them! Unlock a world of mini-games, or make your own? Save and load your Battle progress, unlock a new Battle game, and benefit from optimized scripting and lots of bug fixes!

Name Fancade
Version 1.11.7
Price FREE
Rating 4.2 (78249 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 27, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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