One Gun 2: offline games is an action-packed mobile game featuring intense shooting battles. Dive into a post-apocalyptic world where you must survive against hordes of mutant creatures. With an arsenal of powerful weapons at your disposal, mow down enemies and emerge victorious in each mission. The game offers an immersive offline experience, allowing you to play anytime, anywhere. Upgrade your guns, unlock new abilities, and face challenging boss battles. Ready your trigger finger and enjoy the adrenaline-pumping gameplay of One Gun 2: offline games!

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kVEplzD9F579November 24, 2023
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nSv9FiZLuU822December 18, 2023

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Just as good as the OG heck its even better theres a full fledged story and the game just is great in general. The graphics are nice and simple block/stickman in 2d. Same goes for the controlls although i would like to shoot on my own and aim but i still like it. The gameplay is also affected by this because all you can really do is move and jump. I also like the idea of randomizing which abilites you will get, but it can get annoying when you want to upgrade one thing but get another.

Awesome, 5 star, plot is well done, used to be my favorite game, so I'm going back to replay it 😀 👍

Good animations good graphics good story and fun to play the best game

I do think some things from the first game should be added here like the battle mode and hell mode so progressing in the game can be easier. The grammar in the game isn't too bad. The new way you upgrade talent is a welcome change for me. Combat is practically the same but more fluid. Overall good game but I do think it is lacking a bit. Also maybe you should advertise the game in the first game.

Good game but it definitely need some updates. the merge system is not so good because it gives you random specs of the item and not boosting the defaults. I would add a "battle" mode like it was in first game. Also a shop would be a good thing too. The talents are I think a bit too expensive and I dont like it very much that you cant choose which one you want to upgrade but its fully random. Not much achievements, no missions at all. And the most important thing. add a cloud save please!

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A story game with the stickman. Fight in the stick fight mobile game! bugs fixed

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