Drop The Number: Merge Game is an entertaining puzzle game that will allow you to keep your mental abilities in good shape and develop logical thinking. Arrange yourself a real brainstorm and try to complete all the levels of the game. You need to connect the blocks that appear at the top of the screen with those at the bottom. You can combine elements with the same numbers. At the same time, they are summed up and form a new block. Your task is not to let the playing field fill up. Think carefully about moves, go to new levels and beat records! The game received bright graphics, a large number of levels and addictive gameplay.

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Codes Expiration Date Total
LNHYwxdJBSq November 28, 2022 266
7bzfxLlXRvZI December 20, 2022 732
4oYaidpfVL December 20, 2022 370
u9QDM7FygZW November 30, 2022 354
0p3liEzOufG January 18, 2023 809

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I love love love the game itself but I'm frustrated with this app. I was playing it all the time with no problems. Problem was that there were way too many ads; an ad popped up after every action. So I decided to purchase the no ads option, not realizing it would take away even the ads where you receive free coins fir watching. So once the coins are gone you have to keep repurchasing coins. I'll miss the game but I'm not doing that. 👋! UPDATE: All the problems were fixed! Works great now!!!!

I really enjoy the game and unlike most reviews I don't have a problem with the number of ads. They're mostly short - some are only 5 seconds. I'd gladly give it 5 starts but for 2 issues. 1) about 1/3 of the time, if I close the app (because the games can take a long time if you're doing well) the game I was playing isn't saved. I open it up again and have to start over. 2) There are NO instructions or tutorials so you have to guess at how the few powerups (hammers, preview, etc) work.

Hello there! Thankfully, there are barely any ads, so the other reviews are no longer valid I guess. The missing star is for the controls are wonky. When it is flashing red as a warning that I don't have many spaces left, I can't place blocks in certain places. This may be a feature you added. Can you make the blocks move more slowly down. Also, the options and tools below the game at the bottom of the screen are too close to the game so I keep accidentally clicking them. Pretty fun game!

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Name Drop The Number® : Merge Game
Version 2.0.0
Price FREE
Rating 4.1 (181411 ratings)
Category Codes
Update November 26, 2022
Get it on Google Play
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