Introducing the Drone 2 Free Assault – the ultimate aerial combat experience! With its state-of-the-art design and advanced features, this drone delivers unrivaled excitement for both beginners and seasoned pilots. Equipped with a 4K camera, it captures stunning aerial footage and streams live video to your mobile device. The Free Assault boasts impressive speed and agility, allowing for thrilling maneuvers and acrobatics. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, while the intuitive controls make it easy to navigate. Get ready to soar the skies and engage in epic air battles with the Drone 2 Free Assault!

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Drone 2 Free Assault Tier List

Poorly coded... Takes forever to load up. Interface is clunky. There's really only about 3 missions. You just keep playing them over again at higher levels of difficulty. Far inferior to the previous version. Buggy, too. I've upgraded the "vault" and diamonds don't accumulate anywhere near the rate they're supposed to. Ads after every level play. Ads are 30 seconds. If you're going to put so many, make them 10-15, otherwise it's not worth playing. I've got the sound and music off so I can play without disturbing anyone around, but there's no way to shut off the voice without physically turning off the volume of the phone. Can't play without an internet connection, which means no killing time on the airplane. Overall one of the most disappointing game experiences I've had.

Rip off. Upgrades are $$$$ and when you buy a perk (missile strike, multiplier) it's not available for you to use in game half the time, and if you don't use them, you lose them. I dropped $20 into's really fun and addictive, but ultimately it's designed to be a cash machine for the devs. You need the upgrades to complete higher levels... if it was a dollar here a dollar there, fine. But it's about 10 bucks to buy enough credits to buy each upgrade. Too bad, it's really fun...

Don't waste your time. You will be forced to watch an ad after EVERY SINGLE MISSION. Even after I've made an in-app purchase to support the devs because I enjoyed their other games, there's no option to turn off the ads. Worst of all, mission lengths are much shorter than their previous entry, Shadow Strike, with a much grindier experience as you're forced to switch between different weapons and drone classes, meaning you'll be watching a lot of ads.

I liked the game completely in terms of graphics, but there is something missing, which is make the pieces of that vehicle that we bomb fly everywhere and have fire and smoke on it, so I gave it only four stars, and when the developer does what I say, I will not hesitate to give the game five stars and publish it with all my friends

Great graphics about the best part of the game. Targeting and FLIR at night are not bad.But after a few levels there are more enemy coming in the area and attacking faster. So easily overwhelmed. Also More missiles coming at you that your supposed to destroy with your machine gun. No auto chaff. Of course there are all sorts of in games ads to visit the game store to buy up grades for bombs, guns etc. Because there no way you'll earn enough coins or gold in the game to upgrade. PTW-deleted

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Conquer the mobile battlegrounds. Answer the call of duty and battle in style! Hey Pilot! Enjoy improvements across the game interface for enhanced navigation.

Certain adjustments and optimizations were done in the game for smoother, effortless and flawless air strike gameplay experience.

It’s time you jump right into the action.

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