Idle Zombies: Build and Battle is a thrilling game that combines strategy and action. In this post-apocalyptic world, your mission is to build a base, gather resources, and train a team of survivors to fend off the hordes of zombies. The gameplay is addictive, with different levels and challenges to overcome. As you progress, you can unlock powerful weapons and upgrades to strengthen your defenses. With its idle play feature, you can still progress even when you’re offline. Download Idle Zombies: Build and Battle now and survive the zombie apocalypse!

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Updating Chrome fixed the text issue. Now the game crashes randomly or ads stop and turn into white screens and lock up until I force close. As far as gameplay goes, no real way to idle when you need it. You die and are stuck on that map (which will happen REAL early on if you don't watch all the ads you can for extra rewards - or by wave 9 if you do and don't want to use all your consumable boosts). Never got by wave 10 even with everything into damage and fire rate exclusively. Uninstalled.

Gave it another shot and it's getting more entertaining as an idle. Wish 2x speed lasted longer. Without it the game is almost unplayable, it seems ridiculous to only get it for 3 mins. Pretty much have to watch ads nonstop to get rewards, but they want to make sure you watch ads every 3 min for 2x speed too? Or buy vip, ugh. Edit: Star added for immediate Dev response and consideration to email feedback, now I'm definitely hoping this game turns into something great.

I actually like this game it's very simple but enjoyable )( you simply upgrade to progress and you have automatic turrets and offline coin gathering while you are away which you can use to upgrade and progress )( you also have a base shelter and you can earn diamonds to upgrade things or make things easier and there's loads of turrets to choose from all in all I can not find any faults with this game 10/10

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