Dragon Mania Legends is a popular mobile game that lets players breed and collect different types of dragon species. With over 600 unique dragons to discover, players can build their own dragon island, create habitats, and train dragons for battles and tournaments. The game offers stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, allowing players to explore different islands, complete quests, and interact with other dragon trainers. With regular updates and events, Dragon Mania Legends keeps players engaged with new challenges and opportunities to expand their dragon collection.

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- 10,000 gold, 5 gems, 2 rubies, 3 equipment, 500 diamonds, 1,000 money, 20 resources, 3 items, 2,000 gold, 10 equipment.

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- 1000 gold, 50 gems, $500, 10 diamonds, 200 resources, 1 legendary equipment, 5 rare items.

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
8ZsjG5h7281October 4, 2023
fb4oKurZkL737November 18, 2023
NJdmKzVCB891November 9, 2023
FxyqXaOk159105November 10, 2023
AjJMsBzv1t121October 21, 2023

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The ad reward system is completely broken. I will watch an ad to "get gems" and it says "time shortened by 0 seconds," and vice-versa. This used to not happen, but now it does. Please fix this. Another issue regarding the ads, sometimes when I click out of a menu, it gives me an ad. The dragons are cute, but the problems with the ads are frustrating. Their all plainly far too many, I'm willing to bet the devs are rich because the game is so popular, its just greed. Otherwise its enjoyable.

THE ADS! this game has so many ads at first It doesn't seem like it, but if you make progress, you will feel it. The ads have stayed in my brain now. Whenever I see ads in this , I go crazy. But cool game, love the battles and the bosses nice game. I would have given the game 5 stars if there was less ads.Do Recommend

Wonderfully fun game, big problem with the ads. I have come VERY close to just deleting this game because of the interactive ads that if you do not interact, it never ends...I agreed to WATCH a short ad, not play a stinking game!!! Also the ones that you have to close out 3 or 4 times SUCK. Takes me back to when I had a PC without proper anti-vrus and I had to do a hard shutdown just to get it off my screen. Good game, messed up ads.

The game is fun, lots to do. But the ads! The ads are so annoying. Sometimes I'm just clicking around, moving things or whatever, and I've clicked an ad that hasnt even popped up yet on my screen, takes like 20 secs to load the play store and all that, I've gotta wait for the opportunity to click the x, sometimes it gives you a 30 sec ad that you cant skip.... now the ones where it asks me if I want to watch an ad for a reward, that's different. I chose to watch those.

Overall the game is really fun; I like the dragon collecting aspect, and the different battle options (main story, arena, dungeon). I wish there were a way to turn off the tutorial prompts (ex: when you level up and get access to a new farm, I don't need to be guided to the store), but they're only mildly annoying. I wish the events were a bit longer, most only run about a week, and I end up not making much progress on a busy work week.

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Magical dragon game. Merge or collect dragons in a city and fight battles A new chapter in the captivating realm of Dragolandia! Join forces with Arya, Ned, and Paola as they dive headfirst into the dangerous waters ruled by the mighty Water Tyrant dragons.
What’s New
• Unleash the power of 6 terrifying Tyrant dragons! There are 20 more dragons to discover & add to your collection.
• Play in a new runner game! Overcome obstacles, showcase your agility & collect amazing treasures.
• Participate in thrilling events that will keep you entertained every week!

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