Art Assemble: Home Makeover is an innovative concept that combines the creativity of artists with the practicality of home improvement. Whether you’re looking to revamp your living room or transform your kitchen, this unique service allows you to collaborate with talented artists who will turn your home into a masterpiece. From custom murals to hand-painted furniture, Art Assemble will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Say goodbye to generic home decor and hello to personalized art that reflects your individual style. Get ready for a home makeover like no other!

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Art Assemble: Home Makeover Tier List

Started playing a few days ago and I'm really enjoying the game! Haven't had any issues with the bugs mentioned in other reviews. The sets are super cute! And its easy enough to earn premium currency by watching (optional) ads. The only thing I wish was different is the fact that you can't move sets to a new lot once they've been placed in their city. But overall the game is great and I definitely recommend it to anyone else that likes this genre of games or wants to try it for the 1st time :)

Love the idea of this game, it's great for being free; I'd rate it 5 stars if not for the following. The ads are quite obnoxious, I ended up paying to remove them so I could enjoy the game better, but turns out i still have to watch ads for rewards/upgrades. There are also mechanical issues, such as freezing/crashing randomly, bugs that prevent seeing where an object goes, and towns stuck saying "opening soon" after being unlocked (only been able to open two). shame; deserves 5 stars if fixed

Very pretty, fun, and relaxing game, only problem is that there isn't a way to remove built buildings to switch them out or something and you can't revert designs back to the original one on items, ex. The chair in the bookstore or the chair in the loft. Ads also take too long to reload/refresh, that's annoying because most upgrades in the neighborhood are bought through ads.

Super cute it but for one issue. I can't pick up th ed pieces. I try for up to 3 minutes each piece to finally pick it frustrating...I know where it goes.. which piece I want. But it is like calibration and sensitivity is just won't grasp. I click all over and nothing. I usually end up playing 1 level and give up for a couple of days...out of sheer frustration. Like I said though...great otherwise!

The game play itself is great, but I had to uninstall due to bugs and glitches. Couldn't get though a level without the game crashing. Made my phone crash a few times as well where it wouldn't do anything until I restarted it. I never had an issue like that before installing this game.

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