Dinosaur Guard Games for kids provide a thrilling adventure while unleashing their love for prehistoric creatures. These games allow children to step into the role of a courageous guard, protecting the world from rampaging dinosaurs. With vibrant graphics and exciting challenges, kids can immerse themselves in the thrilling world of dinosaurs. From capturing dangerous dinosaurs to saving innocent villagers, these games ensure hours of fun and excitement. Let your child ignite their imagination and become a hero in the dinosaur kingdom with these engaging dinosaur guard games!

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i love this game it is very creative and fun thanks for asking

Only four stages for this game and the cost is £3.99 which is too expensive. I felt this game is more like a unfished game. The other game produced by this firm is much better. Just added my review - the question is not about what is offered free. The problem is I didn't realise that there are only four stages for this game which is very short, and I don't think this game is finished. If we compared this game with math game one , math game one is much better and more expensive.

I don't like this game because I need to pay the full game. the dinosaurs are really cute and this is fun for me accept the fact that I need to pay. people who created this game please make corrections to this and I don't like all your other games cuz of the same fact and issue

So after 3 minutes my child was trying to Uninstall the app himself. One level doing same thing over and over get pretty boring

A waste of time and phone memory, the only way to get more than the first level is to buy the game.

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Explore the Jurassic world, chase dinos, and learn. Perfect for young kids. For better user experience, we update some levels. Little Dinosaur come and explore!

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