In addition to the cooperative mode, a competitive mode appeared. There are new towers, pets, new services. You can take advantage of all this by downloading the game. Your task is to create an effective team and start acting.

You will have to attack Etheria. Arrange cannons, freeze and burn everything around. None of your friends should steal the best lot. You must become its first and only owner. Create improved armor and weapons. It is necessary to defend and defend very skillfully. Do not waste your time, success is in your hands. Get unique items for your main characters.

Active Defenders 2 TD: Zone Tower Def VIP Codes

G1KWU0xxxxx Get

- Gold x7245K, Gems x465, Coins x37815

w3nbP9xxxxx Get

- Diamonds x169, Money x75826, Resources x9126K

Defenders 2 – Strategy Codes

List of Defenders 2 – Strategy Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
2NaQdjpZVsFMay 21, 2023961
15dvUfrkjin2April 1, 2023120
NFeikOHcagApril 19, 2023198
iOILG9A0HfVMarch 23, 2023154
YCrBHIP7SvTMay 13, 2023289

How to exchange the gift code?

  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
Defenders 2 – Strategy Redeem Code

Defenders 2 – Strategy Tier List

Really like the occasional freedom in tower placement in some levels to create a custom maze for the creeps and card system. However would really appreciate more emphasis on the multiplayer function, as of right now it feels static looking at the rankings and their loadout in raiding your mines. Maybe a replay feature or even a competitive side-by-side game mode.

The game itself seems pretty good. Interesting selection of towers that's restricted more by luck than by story progression. My biggest issue with the game, and why it only gets 2 stars, is the amount of crashes with it. Most of the time, after I finish a level, I get stuck at "Please wait...." and it'll stay there forever. Forcing me to close the app.

Still trying to determine how balanced the game is. But overall challenging and addicting. I would definitely recommend. Not a super casual game. You will need half hour blocks of time to really get into it at least. A little confusing in the beginning as to how to level things up and what is important but can be learned with a little patience. Only rated 4 stars because of difficult understanding how the game is balanced and lack of tutorials other than the basic ones.

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Defenders 2 – Strategy Wiki

Best Tower Defense & CCG game: base defence in epic PVE & PVP battles! New Season
New Season has begun! All players’ mines went to the bots and their level dropped. Your task is to get the mines back, level them up, and defend them against other players’ attacks!
New Сards
Cleaner — mythic tower. Its power hits both ground and flying targets. Totems and teleporters take increased damage.
Castigator — this mythic tower is a real boon in boss battles! Its devastating bullets pierce through the Creeps and inflict enormous damage.
Have a great game, Defenders!

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