Country Balls: World War is an addictive and entertaining online game that takes you back in time to the era of World War. The game features cute and colorful country balls representing different nations participating in the war. As a player, you get to control one of these balls and engage in strategic battles against other countries. With its simple yet engaging gameplay, Country Balls: World War provides hours of fun and challenges as you try to conquer territories and emerge victorious. Are you ready to rewrite history?

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The game is pretty fun when you battle but after a while, it gets extremely annoying. There are ads every 15 seconds and if you barely tap your screen, it starts a war. This game also shoves random offers in your face and even if you turn them down, you have to watch an add in return. Overall, this game can be fun but it's extremely annoying.

I had a ton of fun playing this game, I've unlocked every skin and conquered the world. But I have two problems. The first one is like the other reviews, too many ads, I understand ad revenue, but it's pretty absurd when all I'm doing is looking around the map. The second is due to it being actually impossible to lose, I tried to lose before, but the ai just moves units around. It would be a better game if the victory isn't always 100%, I understand the difficulty increase, but I still will win.

For those of you who like the game but hate the ads, this is playable offline (possibly having to use airplane mode). That being said, you will still get things popping up for you to choose between. Pay the "-1,000 gold" and never miss the money. You can continue to play as long as there is at least one enemy. Unfortunately, I have obliterated everyone and now own the "perfect world" where no one opposes me, but I can no longer continue playing until the end game is updated, uprising maybe?

This is an actually good game. It's fun to play when there is nothing else going on. There are reasons I took 2 stars off my review. 1. The game is WAY to easy. You can conquer every single country in the world within an hour or two. 2. There are WAY to many ads. There will be ads while you are playing, there are ads when you finished up a battle, heck, there are even ads mid battle! I'm not over doing it when I say there are ads every 20-30 seconds. Overall, Good game, but it has it's flaws.

This game used to be super good and not annoying, I used to play this all the time last year. But I reinstalled and it's now annoying. The game has waaaaay to ma y ads and it's almost everything you do has an ad. And when I'm in battle with some random country balls it says something like "Watch an ad for more units" and I don't want to watch it and guess what happens? A AD. Almost forgot to mention the game just wants you to buy premium. It begs all the time. It's annoying. Please lower ads

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