Dead by Daylight Mobile is a thrilling multiplayer horror game that brings the intense, asymmetrical gameplay of the popular PC and console game to your mobile device. In this eerie game, players can either take on the role of a survivor, working together to outsmart and escape a ruthless killer, or play as the killer themselves, hunting down and sacrificing the survivors. With its stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Dead by Daylight Mobile is the perfect mobile game to satiate your horror cravings on the go.

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- 1000 Bloodpoints, Medkit, 250 Auric Cells, 10,000 Gold, 5 Ebony Moris, 50 Pink Add-ons, 2 Very Rare Offerings, Chainsaw.

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- 1000 gold, 50 gems, $20, 10 diamonds, 500 resources, legendary equipment, and 3 rare items.

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GyXj74iC878October 9, 2023
BEJ3pseIVH908November 14, 2023
CSeLqzYdN566October 2, 2023
J2b7wHtMkEr572November 19, 2023
rMOqoyphAc972November 12, 2023

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I love the game and it's one of my favourites! Issues I have is that when playing quick or ranked match, the matching duration is far too long. I waited for 7 minutes before gave up. When I get a chance to play I chose killer role, i have issues as I pick-up a downed survivor, my character can't hang them or let them go, just stuck in my arms and just ruin the session of the game . Appreciate if you guys saw this and fix it. Thanks

Its good, I can't wait for upcoming updates. I haven't experienced any bugs but one concern of mine is that I'm not sure if the perkb "Lightweight" works. When I equipt the perk that let's u see your scratch marks with lightweight, my scratch marks don't appear to be inconsistent at all. Also iron will isnt as useful as it was before.

This game is all about profit now. The recent version was more fun, it encourage me to play every day to finish the daily mission so I could collect auric cells and save it up to acquire characters. I wouldn't care about the graphics upgrade if you'll be taking away my acquired character from the past version, it's like losing my whole progress of the game. Now, I needed to buy it with actual money to acquired it back. You could've just sell skins for money but not characters!

Fix the matchmaking. Everytime I start a game. It keep disconnecting even though I have stable Internet. And pls make it faster on matchmaking to the killer side. It took too long to find a player and took 5 or more minutes to start and the most problem is it disconnect in a middle of a matchmaking as what I said on top.

I give 4 stars. This game is very interesting. the lack of this game is malay language, no indonesian. Another discovery of a friend to play very long when playing rank or quick match. please fix it and lower the purchase price of hunter and survivor. if there is a lag problem there is no problem.

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Dead by Daylight Mobile - NetEase is a multiplayer 4vs1 horror and action game.

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