Coach Bus Simulator is an immersive mobile game that allows you to experience the thrill of being a bus driver. Aspiring drivers can navigate through various routes and transport passengers to their destinations, while adhering to traffic rules and maintaining a smooth ride. The game offers realistic graphics and controls, ensuring an authentic driving experience. You can upgrade and customize your bus, unlock new routes and challenges, and even compete with other players in online multiplayer mode. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey as a coach bus driver in this highly addictive simulator game.

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This Game is a Awesome Game to Play it does have its moments with ads but they don't be too bad for the most part. However the other cars they will crash into you. However I like how the weather change can we get snowy weather too, just a tip when it's rain can rain wet the roads to make it look more realistic some at least let the rain hit wind shield so the wipers are at least wiping the water the water off. Also can we get other buses driving on the road as well. Overall a Great Game.😃

I would like to give this game 5 stars. I do enjoy playing it but a couple things need update One the traffic signals can not be seen if you pull up close to the line on the road because the controls on the right side are in the way. Second the game freezes when you have to watch an ad when you refuel,take a break, drop or pick up passengers etc. It's usually when the Tiktok ad comes up. But then that shouldn't surprise me. Everything about TikTok sucks.

I like everything about the game except the fact that it's hard to turn the buses the arrows to turn left and right are way too small I need to be spaced farther apart using the wheel the steering wheel I mean makes it easier but I prefer the arrow controls over steering wheel also you should have made the brakes work better because sometimes I run stop signs and red lights because the brakes suck on this game. it's nice that it can be played without internet

Great Simulation!! Add more stuff like graphics and more vehicles, need rear mirrors and make the speed limit go a bit higher and the cars go slower than the speed limit or make the cars follow the speed limit exactly not less not more and maybe more cities and make different continents like europe, asia, america etc. Overall the game is pretty good.

Coach Bus Simulator is a very fun simulation game. —PROS: Solid physics. Graphics get the job done. A veteran of Ovilex's trucking sims will find Coach Bus Sim to be second nature as the buttons are in the same places, same icons on the map, same feel, etc. Google Play Games integration still works (!!!) and with high XP yields per achievement. —CONS: This game lacks a couple of quality-of-life features found in Ovilex's trucking sims, namely slider pedals and the heads-up mirror toggle button.

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