Step into the ancient Roman amphitheater and witness the thrilling spectacle of sword fighting gladiator games. As the crowd roars, skilled warriors clad in formidable armor clash in epic battles, each vying for glory and survival. The clash of steel on steel fills the air as combatants display their mastery of swordsmanship and strategy. Spectacular displays of bravery and skill draw the audience into an electrifying experience, where only the most cunning and courageous emerge victorious. Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding drama and raw excitement of the world of sword fighting gladiator games.

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- 1. Gold Coin Pouch – 500 gold coins, 250 gold coins, 100 gold coins 2. Rare Weapon Crate – Legendary sword, Epic shield, Rare armor 3. Champion's Amulet – +10% attack, +5% defense, +20% critical chance

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- 1. 100 gold coins, 50 gems, 2 legendary weapons, 3 potions.

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Sword Fighting Gladiator Games

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Sword Fighting Gladiator Games Review

Problems: 1. No v sync 2. You need to make overrideable animations to eliminate control delay. You could make short animations that can easily flow into other animations. 3. Better camera control. Make the camera control looser and less restricted but also locked onto the characters back. I myself am a game dev and understand the struggles of making a 3D game especially a fighting one but if you give this application a lot of attention and detail you could save it before it hits rock bottom.

I don't really leave reviews but the control touch response time here is very bad. Good graphics though but i can't even play the game because you'll have to wait for a meter to get filled per sword strike and it's really difficult to even hit your opponent that seem to be ever moving, while you are still struggling with the laggy controls. Developrs please fix it else i think it should be rated 4 star and above. Thanks 👍

This game has potential, it just needs some more time on its design, and it would be much more creative with custom classes for your gladiator instead of preset warriors. Also needs to be patched cause some hits glitch through your enemies

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