Get ready to take on the skies in City Pilot Cargo Plane Games! Take on the role of a skilled pilot as you navigate through cityscapes, dodging skyscrapers and navigating through narrow passages to deliver valuable cargo. With realistic flight mechanics and stunning visuals, you’ll feel transported into the cockpit of a massive cargo plane. Maneuver through challenging weather conditions and test your flying skills through different levels and missions. Are you ready to embark on a thrilling airborne adventure? Strap in and prepare for an exhilarating experience in City Pilot Cargo Plane Games!

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- 1. $50 Amazon gift card, 100,000 in-game coins, and a pilot hat.

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- "5 fuel tanks, 10 gold bars, 3 first-aid kits, 7 toolboxes"

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City Pilot Cargo Plane Games

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BPSK2FO3March 29, 2024
9A1W2ORKXEMarch 13, 2024
GDS1E59JTMarch 24, 2024
357MDBSZ4IWMarch 27, 2024
DQZTL12IO8February 17, 2024
BRTANUSGMarch 10, 2024
O0U4AVKIMNMarch 7, 2024
SEIABRL78March 4, 2024

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City Pilot Cargo Plane Games Review

If you like ads that fill the whole screen..... I mean 2 to 3 ads at the same time covering the screen, this is the one you want.

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