Chronicles of Chaos is an exciting role-playing game about the struggle of good against ancient evil to win back the lovely fairy-tale lands. Choose any hero (elf, warrior, mage, etc.), gather a squad (in multiplayer mode) and fight monsters.

And the drop collected from them is suitable for your pumping. And in general, your goal is not only to defeat all enemies, but also to become the best of the best. When you get tired of fighting bosses, you can compete with friends or go through a mini quest and get a cool and necessary reward. The game is made in a very pleasant anime style, and the musical component is perfect for what is happening.

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TNO9nxHi4vV January 5, 2023 282
BbHVliCUnFNg January 17, 2023 891
vmzQ402bdW January 31, 2023 672
BCS8rcqTm0k December 16, 2022 463
jzfpZdDmekq January 10, 2023 851

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Chronicles of Chaos is a game about the fight between good and evil! Redeem Code

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Not worth it. The game rewards you with a small percent chance of getting what you need. As you progress, the odds are worse. The required amount of resources for the time you spend in missions is ridiculous. The MOST efficient way to progress and be competitive is to spend $$$. Even then, it's not enough. Too much content is being released without time to adjust. There was just an implementation of "super" skins. Money to buy skins and more money to buy the "super" version of the same skin.

Game is buggy and crashes a lot. Lots of ads, but you have to choose to watch them for rewards if you're not spending money. Pretty repetitive overall, but it keeps me playing for some reason. Will disconnect saying no internet connection when everything else on my phone works. Sometimes watching ads bugs out and no reward is given. It's all a grind

I played the game to do the puzzles, which I found out were barely a part off the game. Then they stopped after level 3. There were like 3 puzzles in this time. Then it was repetative garbage. Things did unlock but once again this game requires you to buy or wait forever and a year to get things. Not worth the download. After reading the reviews, I can see they BOUGHT the 5 star reviews.

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Winter has come!

Each winter day in the Dominion has something exciting in store, and we're ready to shower you with gifts! New Winter Skins for Fafnir, Alvanor, and Phobos await. Make sure to upgrade Fafnir's skin even further during the special event!

The other special event will introduce a new titan for you to recruit! Soon, Amon the Titan will illuminate the ever-growing Dominion with his light - don't miss out!

We hope you have lots of fun this winter!

Name Hero Wars – Fantasy Battles
Version 1.150.211
Price FREE
Rating 4.5 (1528529 ratings)
Category Codes
Update December 13, 2022
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