Call of Antia: Match 3 RPG is a thrilling and addictive game for all puzzle lovers. Engage in epic battles by matching tiles and unleashing powerful attacks against your enemies. Explore a vast and immersive fantasy world as you embark on a quest to save the kingdom of Antia. Customize your team of heroes, each with unique abilities and skills. With stunning graphics and an engaging storyline, Call of Antia will keep you entertained for hours. Download now and join the adventure!

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Really like this game!! Unfortunately, even with spending money, I've hit that proverbial wall. I'm at the point to where I'd have to spend quit a bit of more money to progress. I've been playing this game for over a year. Took a break because we just had our second kid and nothing change in the few months I took off. This is one of my favorites but it needs a small tweak in the ways of progression.

Editing review. The characters are cute and the artwork is pretty neat to look at. Has just the right amount of ecchi to be very eye pleasing, and the strategies in the main game play aren't the most complex and do grant a sense of accomplishment when you've beaten a hard boss level. The first 4 levels are a breeze, but the next levels ramp up rather quickly. Having stamina in this game is frustrating when you're trying to beat the same level. All in all, it's fun and keeps my interest. ^^

Honestly, I really enjoyed it at first but a lot of imbalances in the game play are extremely apparent. Energy takes forever to recharge, levels get a steep difficulty curve halfway through, and don't even bother with the arena. All you need is one specific (of course rare) character and you become impossible to beat. Even if you drop a ton of money on resources, it doesn't really fix anything. They really need to rebalance a lot of elements to make this feel as polished as it could be.

Super easy to play. In a quest to waste my life at times this does the trick. Similar to the other games in the genre, but the art work and effects are more eye-catching.The characters are awesome, everyone with their unique bio, some of them are really dramatic, which shocked me at first! Need to mention that it's been very nice to players early on too. A good introduction to the main plot, which teaches new players very quickly and makes it clear how to play. Although, the rewind function for experienced players would be quite useful. Devs team you should think about adding one!

Great game with a good a story and voice acting. (Where it applies) I enjoy the RPG elements to leveling up your city, characters etc. And the puzzles make you actively think about your next move. There isn't ads to drive you insane and eventually away from the game, and you don't have to pay to win. Although you can to speed things up a bit. The team resolves issues quickly and then gives the player resources for the trouble they had. Great game.

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Match 3 Puzzle RPG game with PVP Battles Dragons in Call of Antia world The new 5-Star Purple Semu Hero Edjona is now available.

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