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- 100 carrots, 50 gold coins, 10 gems, 5 rubies, 2 diamond shards, 1 enchanted sword, 3 magical potions, 25 rabbit fur, 5 rabbit feet, 10 chocolate eggs.

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- 500 gold, 20 gems, $50, 10 diamonds, 1000 resources, 5 powerful equipment, 30 rare items.

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18lMjdF5747September 28, 2023
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6QcApv4l1855September 26, 2023
EpbDRG4NYla208November 21, 2023
B61wLETfiG704October 29, 2023

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This game is phenomenally amazing, extremely adorable, and has Tons of stuff and activities to do. Ads and paying money is optional and everything is obtainable without paying! If you do choose to pay money, its all worth it. Although through using it for a while, 3 problems: 1, moving the camera is difficult, and you often end up having two buns breed that you didn't want to breed. 2, you can't exit the nighttime shop 3, in the tower is hard to select and maneuver to get to certain options

Really enjoying this game, it's cute, simple, and enough variety of stuff to do that I can spend a few minutes on it or an hour. But... Please let us scroll through the screen by touching outside of the fence bounds;it's hard to navigate and I'm always moving and 'loving' bunnies I didn't want to. With time/development it would be nice to eventually reorganize inventories too.

I love the app, it's cute and fun for when you are playing it very little. There are a few bugs I hope will be fixed, the biggest one is when a rabbit dies or you doing something that requires you to watch a ad, the majority of the time you'll have to watch more than one ad and wont work the first/first few times. other than that the game is fun and interesting, cant wait for future updates!

I really like this game, but think there can be improvements. I feel like there should be more hints about how to get certain colors and patterns with the bunnies. Also, the mechanics of moving are very difficult with anything over 5 bunnies. Maybe allow us to use the background to scroll the field? Another cool thing to see would be a list of owned bunnies, it would make it easier to see which ones you do and don't have. Otherwise love this game!

Interesting game. Fun for a long time and eventually you'll have too much money, and not much to do with it. So the daily challenges keep things going for you. The mini games add nice challenges and personally the only in game purchase you'd really benefit from is the option to fast forward time without watching an ad. It's a game you can spend hours on or just come back to whenever you're bored.

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Collect, breed and merge cute bunnies, play with mini games in your farm. 18+ Debug ANR & In App

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