Cargo Transport Simulator – Drive a large truck that allows you to deliver various goods along city highways and country roads. Demonstrate the level of personal professionalism, hone your driving on the streets of different types. Don’t forget to fulfill orders by delivering certain cargoes.

Transport tanks and containers, fuel, etc. Tackle in the traffic, getting a reward for each completed mission. Buy new cars, upgrade equipment stored in the garage. The graphics and sound are worked out, realistic physics is provided. The controls are simple and the mission is captivating.

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fWqgUFdmao6 April 26, 2023 580
2AmaxDJEfcoU April 2, 2023 208
oMv0jyQ9Uq May 2, 2023 942
5zhMcVFO8BL April 23, 2023 324
x45fBX3jsao March 28, 2023 750

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It's a fun and simple game. What a trucking game should be. However I have a few suggestions: 1. Increase AI headlight brightness (can't see them @ night); 2. Add an option for more AI traffic (feels so empty); 3. Add more landmarks/scenery and roads (very repetitive sometimes); 4. Improve AI (They suck at merging, fail to change lanes to let you pass, and fail to pass you when they are faster than you. Also add variable AI speeds so not every AI traffic goes the same speed). 👍 Much potential.

The lanes are too wide, great driving experience inside the cabin though, in your next update include the splitter switch for low and high gears to avoid confusion with gear numbers, engine brake, braking is very poor it's abrupt,we need progressive padals, more options indeed.. good work developers

Again, another AWESOME game from SkisoSoft! If you could add a map function like in the other games, that'd be great! Also, it takes so long to save money for upgrades & new trucks... The amount of money for the distance is just too low!

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Truck driving simulation has have never been this awesome! Trailers are waiting! Updated internal modules

Name Cargo Transport Simulator
Version 1.15.3
Price FREE
Rating 4.3 (270988 ratings)
Category Codes
Update March 22, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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