In the vast void of space, a lone astronaut tumbles into a black hole, defying all odds. Whirling through the ethereal abyss, time and space distort around them. But miraculously, against all logic, they survive. Emerging from the abyss unscathed, they become known as the elusive “Black Hole Survivor.” Scientists are stupefied, questioning the laws of physics. What secrets do they hold? How did they defy the inescapable grip of a black hole’s gravity? The survivor becomes a beacon of hope, fueling mankind’s curiosity about the mysteries of the universe.

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T7FShjVJK307December 13, 2023
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DsZAXizuQc142November 28, 2023

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Love this game. I found it on facebook but it was taken down along with other games. This is the closest I've come to finding it again. 💗

Lots of adss and it gilchs

This game very very good and this me and my reaction is very happy 😍🤩

world of the best game

Very excellent game

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Black Hole Survivor is an fighting and survival game

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