Angle Fight is a fun side-scrolling arcade fighting game in which you control a bubble character and fight your opponents in a battle arena. Choose your favorite weapon and protection elements. Customize the location of your ward, taking into account the weaponry and pose of the opponent. Remember that the outcome of the battle depends on the right choice. Assess the situation and calculate all possible moves. Pump up the skills of a tactician and defeat the enemy with one well-aimed blow. The game pleases with extraordinary addictive gameplay, nice minimalist graphics and well-balanced mechanics.

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FrESmVxxxxx Get

- Gold x9843K, Gems x387, Coins x45263

TM3XRWxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x178, Money x46395, Resources x3798K

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
TRZkOa7GVtcJuly 8, 2023334
o3kBu5f8iFapJune 30, 2023558
Ivb6XjRCP7June 2, 2023356
Hemruo03zN2May 31, 2023266
e20L6cbJ3VnJuly 13, 2023207

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Overall it has too many ads. It seems like it would be really fun, and I don't mind an ads every so often. I realize the developers have to make money but it's unplayable. Every time you finish a fight there is an ad. Every single one. On top of this there is fights with stepwise multiple enemies and every enemy has an ad. Not to mention how short the fights take. Would not recommend wasting your time. There is no ability to buy an ad free version either.

Braindead gameplay and ads take longer than any given "fight". No actual fighting just point the blade at the bad guy and watch them slide at each other. 2-3 background ads, then an optional full minute as well as another 30 second.

Would be fun if you could actually play the game. Decline to watch an ad for extra rewards? They make you watch an ad anyway. Then watch another ad. 90% ads, 10% game.

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Get ready to enter the battle! Great update arrived! In this version we added:
- New upgrades across our systems
- Maps and skins galore – this is style revamped
- Bug fixes than make gaming so smooth
We can't wait to try it! Can you?!

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