Airlines Manager – Tycoon 2023 is a thrilling airline management simulation game that puts you in charge of your very own airline empire. From starting with a small fleet of planes to expanding into a global aviation powerhouse, the game offers a realistic experience of running an airline business. You’ll have to make strategic decisions, manage your finances, negotiate with suppliers, and monitor market trends to maximize profits. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Airlines Manager – Tycoon 2023 is a must-play for any aviation enthusiast.

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This game has potential it just has a lot of bugs. I can't download the livery in Google Play Store as it continues to state "Something went wrong." Also notifications for tickets and other items never clears. I can't get tickets unless I buy them or watch an ad. I have 50 roles, but if I can't use them, it should clear as well as the other notifications when checked. I know if you play the game it will take time to achieve success, but the game should work better with little to no issues.

I really enjoy this game. The browser version works well too. It is a nice addition to the app. I would give this 4.5 stars instead of 5 because of a couple of gripes. I wish scheduling flights can be broken down a little more like 5 minutes. I find the demand for some destinations to be a bit much. Just to add a challenge, flights delays or something to impact your flights.

Fun game, perfect for my work days when I can spend a few minutes on it every few hours and still progress relatively easily. But the daily wheel spin seems broken. I've played every day for probably a week and a half or so and it always seems to reset too soon. Not sure what the window is but it definitely sucks going in and looking at the x1 multiplier

It's an okay game. The developers are aware of the performance issues, but thus far we haven't seen a fix. Another problem is with the menus, which aren't linked up enough. E.g. when viewing all flights taking place on a route, why can't I jump straight to the planes flying on this route to make changes to their configuration. Sort these things out, please.

Overall, good but room to improve. Controls can be clunky and cumbersome at times. I wish city names would be displayed, otherwise you have to figure out where everything is by chance. I've bought several routes only to find out no aircraft could fly there from that hub (i.e. Paris -> Grand Case). Overall, this is a very good game that doesn't follow a "pay to win" ethos. The ads that are present are not intrusive. I would highly recommend this as a business simulation!

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Tycoon airlines simulation game. Manage your airline and check your Flight Radar Dear CEO, discover version 3.8.5!

The application is getting ready to celebrate Christmas. Have you been good this year?
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