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Find my Phone – Family Locator

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How to redeem Find my Phone – Family Locator codes?

Enter coupon code at checkout in "Find My Phone - Family Locator" app. Enjoy your discount on premium features, keeping your family connected and phones easy to locate.

Find my Phone – Family Locator Coupon reviews

After figuring out how to navigate the free version of Find my Phone – Family Locator and enjoying its features, a user expresses frustration over the high price of the Premium option. They suggest that the monthly and weekly prices are too steep and advocate for a more affordable yearly subscription to attract more customers. While acknowledging the app's usefulness, the user feels deterred by the high cost and believes that a pricing adjustment could result in increased revenue for the developers.

Another user's experience with Find my Phone – Family Locator takes a turn for the worse due to the app constantly running in the background, draining the phone's battery. Expressing disappointment in the app's performance, the user, who is the Admin, highlights the issue of the app restarting even after being manually stopped in the settings. Despite having the paid version of the app, the user finds the location updates to be unreliable, with one child’s location not updated for over 13 hours. While acknowledging the app's potential, the user emphasizes the need for improved functionality and updates to enhance the tracking accuracy of the app.

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