In the Zombie War Idle Defense Game, you are the last line of defense against hordes of ravenous zombies. As the commander, your mission is to strategically deploy soldiers, snipers, and other powerful weapons to fend off the undead threat. Upgrade your units to maximize their effectiveness and unlock special abilities to unleash devastating attacks. Gather resources, research new technologies, and devise the ultimate defense strategy to survive the apocalypse. Can you withstand the relentless zombie onslaught and save humanity from extinction? It’s time to find out in this thrilling, action-packed idle defense game.

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cIoeRPrlAk594November 25, 2023

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This game uses, by far, one of the worst ad servers I've ever seen. Half the ads don't finish, meaning you have to close and restart the game, and the ones that do work have 3-5 screens that you need to click through to close them. If it wasn't for the atrocious ad server the game would be playable, but it's not worth the trouble the ads give you.

Extremely expensive. I'm pretty disappointed, after spending about $100 on this game, I can't beat any of the levels. The "free" stuff takes days worth of collecting to make a difference. Which means after collecting for a week, I can play 4 or 5 levels (about 15 minutes) then have to spend a week collecting. If you can drop hundreds of dollars (you'll need to spend $100 every couple days) it'll be fun. Even the z-badge needs to be purchased over and over. RIP OFF!

Extensive Review: On the left side of the screen is all about special & limited-time deals, and the right side is about buying stuff from the store, the spin-to-win wheel, and misc stuff that you have to pay for or watch ads. At the bottom, you have inventory, campaign, and heroes. Leveling up is free, and so is the campaign. Hero gear and new heroes cost real money most expensive one I found was $40. There are better idle zombie games out there than this one.

Not only is it pay to win but its pay to play as well, I really enjoy the game but it's extremely obvious that you can't progress without spending money. If they would fix the low rss drops on each level, and balance the rss drops with the cost of leveling up heros, at least on the lower levels of the game. For the devs, I am not giving permission to use my Facebook name and picture just to unlock some of the game, That's just silly.

Good game with rewards. The ads are kind of annoying, and sometimes, to increase awards, the ads do not finish, causing you to lose out on extra awards. Leveling up characters will take a while, and sometimes you may feel lost playing, but it's quite a few rewards you get from the start.

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Repel zombie attack with army of heroes and towers. Offline to defend your base. v225
- New game mode (beta): Brutal Maze
- Game balancing
- Bug fixes.
- Performance improvements.

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