Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping experience with Zombie War Idle Defense Game codes! Arm yourself with powerful weapons and strategic tactics to fend off hordes of relentless zombies. Upgrade your defenses, unlock new abilities, and conquer challenging levels to emerge victorious in this epic battle for survival. Use the codes to unlock exclusive bonuses, collect rare resources, and strengthen your arsenal. Are you ready to face the undead and prove your skills in the ultimate test of courage and strategy? Enter the world of Zombie War Idle Defense Game now and let the war begin!

New valid Zombie War Idle Defense Game Code

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- "Unlock 50 coins, 20 gems, and 5 energy points! Enjoy!"

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- "Defend against the undead horde and win: guns, gold, potions."

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Zombie War Idle Defense Game

List of Zombie War Idle Defense Game Codes

CODEExpiration Date
QGSME4HAJune 20, 2024
WQPI3V9UR1June 10, 2024
93CL0S56KMay 25, 2024
7TF3I89C52RJune 19, 2024
70KVAUSLZ1May 7, 2024
E681QB2MJune 19, 2024
287T9WZSILMay 5, 2024
PS6LICKM7May 8, 2024

How to Redeem Code?

To redeem a code in Zombie War Idle Defense Game, open the game, locate the "Redeem" section, enter the code provided, and claim your rewards or bonuses.

Zombie War Idle Defense Game Codes Review

Extremely expensive. I'm pretty disappointed, after spending about $100 on this game, I can't beat any of the levels. The "free" stuff takes days worth of collecting to make a difference. Which means after collecting for a week, I can play 4 or 5 levels (about 15 minutes) then have to spend a week collecting. If you can drop hundreds of dollars (you'll need to spend $100 every couple days) it'll be fun. Even the z-badge needs to be purchased over and over. RIP OFF!

This game uses, by far, one of the worst ad servers I've ever seen. Half the ads don't finish, meaning you have to close and restart the game, and the ones that do work have 3-5 screens that you need to click through to close them. If it wasn't for the atrocious ad server the game would be playable, but it's not worth the trouble the ads give you.

Great game, not many complaints aside from taking a long time to level up heroes (meaning requiring a lot of ad watching). Today though, my game froze on my idle rewards when I went to watch an ad for 2x. Rebooting the game, it appears that I didn't even get my base idle rewards (much less 2x...). Also, a couple days ago, I faced a bug on the bingo event where I used two tickets which landed on numbers already awarded. Game needs a way to contact support for times when players encounter bugs.

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