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How to redeem Zenni Optical codes?

To redeem a coupon at Zenni Optical, select your desired eyewear, enter the coupon code at checkout, and enjoy your discounted purchase of stylish and affordable glasses.

Zenni Optical Coupon reviews

The app itself is good, except you don't stay signed in & that's a bit clunky, one min your lookingat somethingthe next its flipping back to sign in page. The frames' quality is fair for the price. The lens quality is pretty good. The customer service is frustrating but got the job done. I ordered 3 pairs, one came with a lens sticking out, the CS conversation over it was annoying, but they sent me a different pair.

Love Zenni. Some ideas: It would be helpful to: 1) have the mm beside the S/M/L when filtering 2) be able to save searches 3) be able to access different saved videos AND/OR be able to choose virtual OR virtual+ (helpful when buying glasses for someone who you have a saved photo/video for, but they are not present - when it is virtual+ only, it can't be done)

Confusing, shows only some of their frames in XL Update: I just tried the website again. This was an even worse experience! I clicked Men, then all glasses. I then went to filter to search the larger frame and never got that option! For some reason, styles came up and an instant check in rectangle. I couldn't get this unchecked no matter what I did. As previously stated, Zenni website is glitchy and cumbersome. Unreliable for sure.

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