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How to redeem Zara codes?

To redeem a Zara coupon, present it at checkout in-store or enter the code online. Ensure it meets the terms and conditions for the discount to apply.

Zara Coupon reviews

Love the app but performance not stable. Love the ability to scan barcodes of items in the store, save, and search for availability online. However, the UX on scanning receipts for purchases etc is not easy to find nor intuitive. Once scanned, they are not always appearing in the "in-store" list under Purchases in the user profile. Looks like a bug here in persistence of the data and image. Another note is that items out of stock online, should have that status reflected throughout the app.

This app is strange to say the least. You can easily view an item that displays a cute shirt/blouse and upon continuing to scroll on that item to find the deets on the bottoms, it goes far left telling you what would go well with that shirt. I don't like that their sizes are inconsistent and have the nerve to have some items on the high end spectrum that are ridiculous.

In wanting to minimalize and give it a more streamlined look, they have removed a lot of useful information. For example, I wanted to check which payment method I used on a recent purchase, and it's just nowhere. Not listed ANYWHERE. Not when I download the e-ticket, not when I check my purchase history, nowhere. Half the error messages you get ("offline, try again") turn out to be BS. Zara online customer service is also terrible, and you can't reach anyone by phone.

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