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Last update September 22, 2023

WWE Champions is a mobile game that brings the world of professional wrestling into the palms of your hands. With a roster of over 250 WWE superstars, you can build your dream team and take them into epic battles against other players. Train and improve your wrestlers to unlock their full potential and unleash devastating signature moves in the ring. Engage in thrilling storylines and compete in daily events to earn rewards and climb the leaderboards. It’s time to step into the squared circle and become the ultimate WWE Champion!

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- 1000 coins, 5 health potions, 10 silver keys, 3 gold bars, 50 gems, 2 diamond crates, 1 special edition belt.

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- 1000 gold, 50 gems, $20, 10 diamonds, 5000 resources, legendary equipment, powerful items, 2x boosters.

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WWE Champions Codes

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
acMWr1qu975October 23, 2023
wUAJ9K21VS943October 28, 2023
iJNAHeMwS724November 8, 2023
GIbOHYZSat4227November 8, 2023
1xjpmXlS6K885November 6, 2023

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.

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Great game if it works. This is a new phone and everytime I get a new phone. It has a glitch. It pops up that I am entering at the place I left off and when i click either ok, cancel or the x it always restarts so I can never play the game. That needs to be able to let us play the game when we hit ok and not just restart. Also other than your character of the month you can't get another character anymore and it's impossible now to complete the monthly goal where you could have done it over ago.

Getting really close to uninstalling. Getting sick of the game freezing, forcing me to use more currency to do the task once I restarted the app. I've never received any compensation for these cases and it's happening more and more. If something doesn't change soon, I'm out.. Now this latest update is going to cause us me to lose my daly streak. Which just like before, I won't be compensated for. If you know there is a issue, the least you can do is compensate people for what they will lose 👎

I did like it at first, but once I realized that after I got levelled up so far, if you don't put money into the game, then you are not going to level up for a long time. So, because of having to play & beat certain levels, so that I could receive the items that I needed to level my player up, of course I wasn't able to beat that level &, I tried multiple times, but just couldn't, I could if I paid $4.99 or above. So there's no need to keep punishing myself by playing this game.

The game completely froze on me and won't let me tap anything. Did a force stop on it, rebooted my phone and still the same problem. If I could give it a zero I would. I'm super frustrated at the moment. It looked like a fun game with great graphics, but just freezes. I uninstalled game and tried what the manufacturer said and I'm still running into the same issue it says to claim reward in chapter 1 and it won't do anything when I click on all the items presented on the screen.... FRUSTRATING

This is the third time I try playing this game in 5 years. The first time I lost 100s of dollars of progress by the game freezing and was not able to get help retrieving the rewards I had bought and earned so I quit. The next time the game would get to a certain point of the beginning and not let me go past that screen no matter if I Uninstalled it or cleared data and caches. This time it's doing the same thing just way earlier in the game. This really suck because I enjoy the game play.

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WWE Champions delivers the hard-hitting action you crave every day! WWE Champions is getting even better with exciting Moves on selected and upcoming Superstars, and a more dynamic experience in Showdown the higher you league-up! Get ready to take your in-game experience to a whole new level!

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