WithstandZ – Zombie Survival! is an intense and exciting survival game that will challenge players to explore, scavenge, and fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies. To enhance your gaming experience, players can take advantage of various codes that unlock special items, resources, or abilities. These codes can give you a strategic advantage against the undead hordes, making your journey through the wasteland more thrilling and rewarding. Use the codes wisely to survive and thrive in the dangerous world of WithstandZ – Zombie Survival!

New valid WithstandZ – Zombie Survival! Code

Code is hidden Get

- Unlock rare weapon cache, 50 coins, and survivor's guidebook.

Code is hidden Get

- 5 grenades, 10 medkits, 3 diamond knives, 20 energy drinks.

Secret rewards Get
WithstandZ – Zombie Survival!

List of WithstandZ – Zombie Survival! Codes

CODEExpiration Date
WQZJGM7UMay 2, 2024
C96L2GTKDZMay 5, 2024
QRL3KXUYOMay 25, 2024
6T7SE5KLBCXApril 29, 2024
TSVE9ANI04June 8, 2024
ZRJYM2L6April 27, 2024
UK98GN2F03April 23, 2024
M5KT69DAUMay 7, 2024

How to Redeem Code?

Open the game, click on the 'Redeem' option, enter the code provided, and claim your rewards to enhance your survival skills in the zombie-infested world of WithstandZ.

WithstandZ – Zombie Survival! Codes Review

The game itself is great. There is a problem with dying randomly, and figuring out who is who isn't easy either. I really like the variety in weapons and how some of the ammo seems a bit hard to get which makes it challenging. Some objectives would definitely help when it comes to understanding certain aspects of the game with small rewards. Other than that this game is fun especially when played with others.

So this game really has potential. It really does. But it's the bugs that occur - like hitting a zombie sends it moonwalking backwards for an infinite amount of time until it hits something else. Or building a house, saving the game, adding onto the house, saving, and when you return, you have only the original house, with none of the addons, yet you dont have those materials you used to upgrade. Stuff like that. Simple fixes and this game will be legendary.

Really fun game, could use bigger servers, more fleshed out maps, and a few more vehicles and some more realistic vehicle control (lights/engine on/off control etc). Weapon variety is fine where it is, very cool to see lesser known weapons like the fmg in there. Some bug fixes are needed. When the police car hits a zombie, if it touches the body the wrong way it will flip. When you try and exit you may shoot in the sky and die. And sometimes the car continues to spawn upside down. Maybe a flip?

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