Wildscapes is a captivating mobile game that allows players to create their very own wildlife sanctuary. With stunning graphics and a wide range of adorable animals, players can build habitats, decorate their landscapes, and complete fun and challenging puzzles to unlock more wildlife species. Explore different regions and meet unique animal characters along the way. From lively lions to mischievous monkeys, Wildscapes offers a fun and immersive experience for animal lovers of all ages. Download Wildscapes today and embark on a wild adventure!

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Loved it at first. Couldn't get enough of it. Excited to open new areas of the park and build bigger and better attractions. Didn't even mind spending money for extras...HOWEVER... game got ridiculously complicated and unbelievablably harder where it was impossible to pass a level. I hate those color changing cones and sticky jam and cotton cany levels combined bc you need to clear 60 of them with only 7 moves!!!! What a rip off!!!!!

It's really fun starting out with the occasional challenging level, then you get to that one level that you just can't get past, even with boosts. Once you hit that wall there's no fun whatsoever left, just fail fail fail. Now that I've been stuck on the same level for 10 days, playing multiple times a day, using all of my power ups and gems to play on, it's time to uninstall. Happened every time I've tried a Scapes game, bit this time I didn't even make it to level 100. Never again!

I love Gardenscapes and Homescapes. This, on the other hand, is awful. Super cute animations and I love the concept of designing a zoo... But the game feels like it wants you to lose! Levels don't give you enough moves and it's so micro transaction based. So disappointed, I had high hopes for this. I'll just continue with the other two games then I suppose.

I enjoyed playing at first. But the biggest turn off for me is that boosters are color specific which basically only help if you get lucky. It becomes apparent as the game progresses. Eventually you get to a level that you can't pass and I have boosters but can't match the color. Graphics are fantastic. Beautiful. But I just don't like this style of playing.

The game has a cute story line and wonderful graphics! However, like almost every game out there... gets very difficult very quickly, which was a huge disappointment! Another one of those pay to play games😕😪 Word of advise...offer easy, medium, hard, and expert levels to appease all players. Not everyone enjoys stressful levels. Most people play games to escape from stress not add to it!😕 Just saying!

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Build your dream zoo with dozens of adorable animals & solve fun puzzles! What's new:
Bug fixes and improvements.
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