Welcome to the thrilling world of Wild Horse Family Simulator! Immerse yourself in a realistic and challenging environment where you can experience life as a wild horse. Explore vast landscapes, form a family, and navigate the dangers of the wild. With stunning graphics and dynamic gameplay, this simulation game creates an immersive experience that will leave you breathless. Customize your horse, complete quests, and grow your family to become the strongest and most respected in the herd. Are you ready to embark on this wild and exhilarating adventure? Saddle up and prepare to dominate the untamed wilderness!

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Wild Horse Family Simulator

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Wild Horse Family Simulator Review

This is the best wild horse game I've played, though it's definitely not the best simulator I've ever played. The design and movements of the horse are beautiful and realistic. You can only do what the game tells you to do like for example, "...help your herd find caves for breeding...". The game also isn't very realistic and has the horse fight animals that it wouldn't fight in the real world. There are a lot of ads but I think it's a bearible amount.

This game looks like it could be a wonderful game with some work, but as of now it has a few issues. 1. the controls are not very good the horse continus to turn after my finger is off the joystick, and will not run in a straight line. 2. It needs to be more realistic the horse is hunting elk and hyenas? horses eat grass. 3. The graphics are not very good, the shadows are pixelated. The only reason I gave 2 stars is because I know how hard it must be to create a game. Thank you and God bless.

This game, first, the controls. I know many other reviews are talking about that. Let me tell you what exactly happens. If you turn the horse, it turns too much. It JUST cant walk straight!!!! It has to go here there, here, there, and it moves like that all the way towards your destination. Second, there are sorted MISSIONS, one after the other and that makes it no simulator. You have to do that thing about the missions. Not acceptable. And, i have completed maybe 4 or 5 missions, uninstalled.BAD

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