Who want to be a millionaire? is a popular quiz that will allow you to show off your knowledge in various fields and demonstrate your erudition. Try to reach the end and win the main prize by answering tricky questions that will baffle even experts. Prove yourself by correctly answering questions about sports, cinema, science, science, geography. Ask for help from the audience, once in a difficult situation. Compete with friends, family and other players. Become the hero of the popular quiz show and test your knowledge in this addictive puzzle game!

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Q5rDe9xxxxx Get

- Gold x1359K, Gems x314, Coins x18367

0GK7sexxxxx Get

- Diamonds x627, Money x13689, Resources x8745K

Millionaire Trivia: TV Game Codes

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
daJRmkw2lYsJune 6, 2023663
KsFLar8CfgJcJune 10, 2023655
nWgTFXeV7bJuly 26, 2023368
ZRbTtaDUwuGJune 20, 2023166
Jq4V0t13ODYJune 15, 2023436

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There's a ton of stuff slowly popping up or moving on the screen, frustrating. All those pop-ups take time. The win streak pop-up is the most annoying because you can't skip it, you have to sit through the animation after every game. You have to compete, but the opponents are bots. Paid for ad free, but that doesn't stop microtransaction pop-up ads for in game rewards (there are a ton). Overall, I like it; I'm learning new things. I dream of learning a new language under this game model.

Even though this is my favorite game, it's getting one star for one reason: this game does not sync well across devices. I play on my phone while outside. When I come home I like to play on my tablet. When I open on my tablet, all of my progress is lost! Any experts I've acquired, if I opened a box or started the timer, it's all gone when I switch to my iPad. I won't play or spend a dime on this game until the syncing issues are fixed. I've lost too much! Games like Uno sync with no issues.

Welp, good to know this game hasn't changed in the four years since I played it. That's not a compliment. They're still using the music from the VERY outdated version of Millionaire that was only in the US, the game isn't that fun, the lifelines are either too expensive or too time consuming to earn... I think if they just gave this a total overhaul, they'd really benefit from it. Don't make it multiplayer, for one.

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Play the original trivia game show! Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? for Android! Welcome Back, Millionaires! Question: What will you find in the newest version? A: New Experts B: New Events C: Bug Fixes D: All of The Above!
If you said D, you are correct! Thank you for playing!

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