Weverse Shop is a must-visit online store for fans of K-pop and K-dramas. This one-stop shop offers a wide range of official merchandise, including albums, clothing, accessories, and more. You can find exclusive items from your favorite artists and actors, ensuring you stay connected to your beloved fandom. Not only that, but Weverse Shop also provides high-quality products with excellent customer service. With secure payment options and worldwide shipping, it’s never been easier to support your idols and showcase your love for Korean entertainment through Weverse Shop.

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I love how this app allows for fans around the world to purchase offical merchandise. Many complained about the shipping costs but they're pretty realistic considering that they ship from the other side of the world and always use a box. Canceling orders is easy and they have a good range of products. If you see something you like though get it quick because sometimes they have a limited amount of stock available!

Is anyone else having trouble with getting payments through? I pushed the option to pay with PayPal, chose my card, it said thank you and kicked me off. There was no verification, there was no confirmed order on Weply, but it shows up on my card as being in progress. This is the third time this has happened.... and not to mention they've almost doubled the shipping fee since I first started buying things from them within a year. I can't afford to pay more for shipping than for the merchandise.

Not happy anymore Just had to update this app, due to changes. I have ordered and received multiple packages in the past and I was happy with service. This new update has changed all that. My shipping information doesn't exist anymore. When I went to re-add the address, the app won't enter it correctly (since maps autofill is incorrect) and therefore it can't be saved. I have one shipment pending and therefore I am unsure if I will receive it or not.

I don't recommend buying from here. They throw all the items together in a box and when they arrive damaged they don't want to know. Awful experience and service. They don't care about fans, just trying to exploit them. That's why they sell product versions at random instead of letting people select which one they want.

Edit: ships to Australia again, but shipping is more expensive than the items themselves, even when ordering multiple items at once! Items ship fairly quickly, but shipping is Quite expensive, and pre-orders make bulk purchases to minimise shipping costs Impossible. Would be nice if you could add other items to pre-orders, even if that delays shipping of other items. Also please reprint CDs and DVDs for new fans!!! I just want HYYH on stage epilogue and some older SHINee stuff 😔

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