“Warriors of the Universe” is a high-octane action-adventure series that follows the journeys of a diverse group of intergalactic warriors who are dedicated to protecting the universe from various threats. Each character in the series possesses unique skills and abilities, and they must work together to overcome formidable enemies and challenges. With its gripping storylines, thrilling battles, and stunning visuals, “Warriors of the Universe” takes audiences on an epic ride through space and time. The series explores the themes of courage, teamwork, and sacrifice, making it an exhilarating and inspiring watch for viewers of all ages.

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- "10,000 credits, 5 healing potions, 3 legendary weapon upgrades."

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- "Congratulations! You've won 100 gold, 50 gems, 2 potions."

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Warriors of the Universe

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Warriors of the Universe Review

This is a very good game! And it is one of my favorite things to play in my of time. Making custom characters is fun. But I just incountered a new glitch, any character I make in the third slot and from what I have tested, only the third slot gets deleted when I open the game sometimes. Don't know what causes it, but if you can patch it that would be great

It's really fun and easy to learn. I also love the custom characters. the ONE problem is that I can't disable the little fist animation with that rapid-fire punche. It is kind of unfortunate that you can not disable the ability to see the fists just because if your character had a weapon like a sword, you'd see the fists which would block the weapon so maybe a button to disable it. But that's the only thing that's wrong with it. Other than that, it's really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I love this game. But I have a single issue with it. The Guard feature is really annoying to use on mobile, as I have to awkwardly position my hands in order to block and counter, which is the only way to stop your opponent from spamming melee's and locking you against a wall, rendering you useless. In my opinion, the mobile Guard button should replace the down button, with the Guard Button doing both the Guard Function and the Down Function. Also an online 2v2 mode would be fun to have.

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