Warriors of the Universe Online is a dynamic fighting game with nice pixel art and exciting multiplayer battles. You are waiting for battles with numerous opponents: superheroes, anime characters, dragons, ninjas and many others. With the help of the character editor, you can create your own character, giving him a unique look. Several modes are available to you: team battles, invasion mode, in which you will fight with an army of enemies, and a tower, where you have to defeat not only all opponents, but also a powerful boss. Upgrade your hero and improve your combat skills and unique abilities such as a powerful shield, fireball and energy blast. Unlock access to new characters with special skills and abilities.

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t3fxwcxxxxx Get

- Gold x3142K, Gems x674, Coins x72193

WpQdD8xxxxx Get

- Diamonds x278, Money x72135, Resources x4768K

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
Gj21nEbekfhApril 14, 2023225
QSzhOAk1iltvApril 24, 2023263
TlKvQEmVDBApril 25, 2023189
NizLd3DtUr5April 28, 2023639
GNE1O8xJFRZMarch 17, 2023191

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I really like the game, though there are things that are not yet added to the game, like viewing an item without buying it. I suppose the purpose of it is to prolong your gameplay, idk. The enemies in invasion mode though are a little bit OP when you start entering stage 10 and onwards. But overall it is a great game and I am looking forward to future updates

The online only has 1 server so it's always laggy, I've been playing this game for about more than 2 years now, I feel like having more maps, hero animations and character slots would help out, or maybe an editor mode which allows players to create their own stages. I enjoy this game and hope that it continues to show potential.

Love the new update but there are some new bugs. New Aura is glitchy but it looks cool. It creates a black background glitch and another bug I found was that for some avatar hairstyles glitch to another hairstyle whenever they are knocked to the ground. It's a little bit annoying but it's nothing serious but I would be really thankful for a fix on that. New content is amazing and aside from the bug report the new skill is perfect but the new challenges are way too much. Thanks. Hope to see more

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Fight with dragon warriors, shinigamis, shinobi ninjas and super heroes online -12 new items
-New character
-New stage
-New skill
-New challenges
-New challenges condition: No skills allowed
-Balanced bots difficulty
-Remade some sprites

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