The Warrior Factory is a fitness facility unlike any other. With a focus on functional fitness and obstacle course training, it caters to individuals looking to push their physical limits. Offering a variety of classes and programs, it is the perfect place for beginners and experienced athletes alike. The Warrior Factory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and experienced trainers who will guide and motivate you throughout your journey. Join the Warrior Factory today and become the strongest version of yourself. Unleash your inner warrior and conquer any challenge that comes your way.

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This is a very cool game. But I'm not dealing with constant ads in the middle of combat. Thing is, I am more than eager to watch all the ads for bonuses and gear. You would have had a good longterm fan, but you wanted that extra penny. Uninstalled. EDIT: Also your pathfnding is borked. The NPCs get stuck a lot which means they won't respawn.

Alright game for killing time. Runs really well too. Isn't fake either. Three problems though: 1. The cannons go through their conveyor at a snail's pace, 2. Ads pop up frequently, and 3. The absence of a gold crown to silver crown conversion mechanic is a little annoying as high amounts of gold crowns and nothing to do with them (which happens pretty fast) constantly bugs me (something I'm sure I'm not alone in). Fixing these three issues would make the game much more enjoyable in my opinion.

Its an ok game. The ads made it seem like it was fake. But after playing it and beating the game it isn't actually fake for once. The progression system is just fine but could he a bit improved, The combat is better than I thought it was, no lag issues and dsync issues. I understand this is a fairly new game and now waiting for new updates. As upgrades are limited. But otherwise. It's a good game

app has the look and feel of an ad factory game. but I never got the chance to truly try it. as it shuts down within the first second of loading. if this is ever fixed and I get a reply saying the problem is gone then I will give it a shot and possibly change my review.

Fun game that I could play for ages, however like most games the ads ruin it, untimely ads are the worst, middle of fights there's always an ad, and it becomes annoying. If there was an option to pay to get rid of ads I probably would pay.

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Fight against kingdom! Train medieval army! Idle warrior factory camp simulator! Bugs fixes and improvements

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