WarFriends is an interesting game that manages to combine several genres. I am pleased with the presence of high-quality design, as well as bright locations presented in a cartoon style.

The animation and music are especially impressive, you don’t get bored. It should be understood that the gameplay is divided into rounds, initially you will hone your personal skills and actively train to work with weapons, become an ace, both in melee and ranged combat. When you learn to deal with opponents without using third-party help, you will start playing for real, using unprecedented opportunities and plunging into online confrontation, where everything is so dynamic that it takes your breath away.

Naturally, the game has a donation system, taking into account which it is possible to improve the personal unit, although it is not a fact that you wish to invest personal funds. Clearing the territory from opponents is an extremely interesting action, you need to hide behind an armored shield, trying to get the enemy out of the way, gradually approaching him, running between the barricades. If you use a grenade launcher, then smoke the enemy out of cover, and the assault brigade will be distributed over the location, independently calculating the target.

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1lskMexxxxx Get

- Gold x9327K, Gems x526, Coins x48791

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- Diamonds x467, Money x17695, Resources x4398K

WarFriends: PvP Shooter Game Codes

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
S8cIaDTzes1July 7, 2023799
niH1kClTmN6UMay 18, 2023436
hP1uOoBnfqJuly 11, 2023181
hsXVWZLitaEMay 31, 2023219
QZLKb7q9PrdJune 26, 2023917

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  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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I honestly love this game, all the cards and tactics and soldiers and abilities they have make it so much fun. I played it before, a while back, and got it again. It has some flaws, in balance and such but not huge ones. However, I randomly lost all my progress, I had connected it to my Facebook account, and today when I logged in it told me it reconnected to my account, but had no progress attached to it. I now have lost all my time and money I spent in it, which really sucks.

AWESOME GAME!!! Super addicting shooter with really easy controls. Only negative thing I've noticed since been playing for about 8 months is that sometime at the beginning of a match b4 it starts it will freeze and I have to restart the game. Happens prob 1 out of 8 matches. Will update after playing since the new update today if that is fixed.

It's very addicting and has easy controls it has amazingly good graphics and the gameplay is fast paced. I really love the stragety and quick thinking of predicting your/enemys card placements and when your opponent will peek. The game has ads yes but will not inturupt your game time. You can also watch ads for items "which is optional" in app purchases are there but are not needed. What I do recommend on buying is the VIP and the SUBSCRIPTION CARD and both have a trial before you wanna actually buy it.

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Jump in the fast-paced PvP action — play now and show off your skills! Attention WarFriends,
We’re here with another great update that brings you some elite content and useful improvements!

- Welcome Elite versions of the new tier 10 units!
- Searching for an opponent in the Arena can now run in the background if you don’t find an opponent quickly
- QoL Fixes & Improvements

Now let’s get back to the battlefield, Soldiers!

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