War Tortoise 2 – Idle Warfare is a thrilling mobile game that combines action, strategy, and idle gameplay. Take control of a powerful war tortoise and lead your army to victory against endless waves of enemies. Upgrade your tortoise with various weapons, armor, and abilities to become unstoppable on the battlefield. Utilize the idle mode to passively collect resources while you’re away. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, War Tortoise 2 offers hours of addictive fun for both casual and hardcore gamers. Prepare for an epic war and download the game now!

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- 1000 gold, 50 gems, 2 diamonds, 10 rubies, 5 equipment, 5000 money, 200 resources, 20 items.

Code is hidden Get

- 1000 gold, 200 gems, 5000 money, 100 diamonds, 20 resources, 5 equipment, 10 items.

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OoYvgdkqt124September 27, 2023
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DhLJ4jNoIl978November 17, 2023

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This game is amazing and incredibly consumer friendly. It's basically a rail shooter where you move between locations and you have units that you can buy and customize. You guys basically shoved premium currency down your throat it's amazing. I highly recommend it. The only problem with the game I have is with the attack plane enemies. There's a glitch where they can become immortal. But you guys could fix that thanks.

I like this game, but it has some serious flaws. The concept is great and the pacing is pretty good if a bit repetitive. The audio is where it falls flat on its face. Specifically the weapons, they all sound the same. So much so, it's like they all reference the same .wav file and are fighting to start it. This creates an audio sensation akin to a recording of a gun shot that keeps getting restarted after only a few milliseconds over and over again. The bullets fired also lack variety.

Very different from War Tortoise. Part 2 has a vague story line and in depth upgrade system. Why are the animals trying to bring the humans back? The mystery is part of the fun of the game. The graphics are stunning. The art work is excellent. The campaign is interesting. The plot is vague but keeps you coming back for more. Game control is intuitive. The game offers in game purchases or freebies as a reward for watching commercials. Either way, you have access to the premium currencies.

Lots of fun, not your standard idle game. I love having the ability to mix it up and explore like a 3rd person shooter. There are no forced ads, but a few optional ones if you want some boosts. Only downside is that if you want to progress you have to have the app open on your phone, it doesn't run in the background so some upgrades don't really make sense.

After more than 40 hours of gameplay, I have to say it still hasn't hit the point of frustration. The main complaint I have seen for this game is lag. I haven't seen it myself but there is some glitching sometimes when you change terrain. Easily fixed by turning auto fire off and back on. The ability to look around while on auto fire is kinda difficult but once you get the hang of it, there is some pretty awesome views and you can actually examine enemies and units. I won't say much more.

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Explore a vast world. Command animals of war. Unleash devastating firepower! - Miscellaneous bug fixes

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