War of Nations: PvP Strategy is an exhilarating mobile game where players engage in epic battles for dominance. Build and fortify your own bases, recruit and train a powerful army, and form alliances with other players to conquer the world. Strategize your attacks, unlock advanced technologies, and unleash devastating military firepower to crush your enemies. Participate in intense player versus player combat, conquer territories, and prove your tactical skills. The war is about to begin, and only the strongest will emerge victorious in War of Nations: PvP Strategy.

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- 10,000 gold, 5 gems, 2,000 resources, 3 diamond, 1 ruby, 1 legendary equipment, 50,000 money, 4,000 rubies, 20,000 resources, 10,000 diamonds

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- 1000 gold, 500 gems, $50, 200 diamonds, 50 resources, epic equipment, 5 rare items

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tHPsTAEY742October 15, 2023
rJBVxTqHgS590November 19, 2023
wdmYpEgo0107October 9, 2023
EKeVkcyo2FJ717November 9, 2023
vOu9dNRtlB554November 15, 2023

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With the recent update, it made things much worse. I made a lot of progress in the last week that will all be lost now, because for some reason adding two strike carrier armies and rolling back on that results in one of my comms getting downgraded and other upgrades get rolled back as well. Seems like when popreach messes up, they tend to make things much worse when they try to fix problems. Today is worse than a couple days ago and the update was a week ago.

I have played this game for 4 years. The game keeps getting sold because they can never fix the tons of issues. 1. No notification. 2. Extreme lag. 3. No reports when you attack or get attacked. Must log out after every attack with the hope that you get a report. 4. Screen freezing constantly. When you report any of these problems to developer it may take 3 months to get a general response stating issue is fixed when it is not. Concept of the game is good but execution is a total joke!!!!

Development team doesnot stand behind issues they create pushing out faulty player interfaces even when they have been made aware of such issues in testing and continue to put out flawed material only to cost player more money. They refuse to resolve tickets and just give excuses no longer an enjoyable game environment 100% pay to play. Highly reccomend to avoid this game

This game is so fun, but when u got High Level.. this game very2 bad Lag to play.. so boring... need 1-2 minute for open map.. need fix this problem!!! When Event Start,.. that lag comes,... every event lag,..

What on earth have you done to the world buff.... Chance doesn't increase anymore, just less item needed.... Revert it back ASAP, no response from developer on this issue, it's changed the game completely... Avoid this game at all cost!

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Expand your army with modern tanks and powerful commanders to defeat your rivals Bug Fixes and Improvements

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