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Wanderlog – Trip Planner App Coupon reviews

I'm very impressed with the application design not only for the small screen (phones) but also on my tablet and PC. started out with filling out an itinerary for a very convoluted trip and found it quite easy. switched to my PC and was able to see all my phone input immediately. Great integration on the backend, as my changes made on the PC showed almost immediately on my phone without having to do anything. I've worked with over 1000 different apps. This one is well designed front and back.

A really convenient way to plan trips whether you want to create a structured itinerary or keep it loose and visualize a bunch of places you'd like to hit up on a map. My fiancée and I used this for a trip to New York last year. We picked a bunch of places we would be interested in going to before the trip. Then as we explored the city, if we were ever at a loss for what to do, we just pulled up the app and checked if we were close to any locations we had previously marked down.

Great experience so far. Planning 3 trips this year with the app. I love having everything in one location. I plan early... by the time my trip comes, sometimes I forget where certain documents are, and I have to dig up all my travel info from emails, etc. The app automatically pulls reservations / bookings from my email into each trip itinerary.

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