Are you looking for affordable and reliable dog walkers and sitters for your furry friend? Look no further than Wag! With a coupon for Wag’s services, you can save money while ensuring your dog receives the care and attention they deserve. Whether you need a quick walk during the day or overnight sitting, Wag’s team of experienced professionals are ready to help. Don’t let your busy schedule prevent your dog from getting the exercise and socialization they need. Grab a coupon for Wag today and give your pup the best care possible.

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Wag – Dog Walkers & Sitters

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How to redeem Wag – Dog Walkers & Sitters codes?

To redeem a coupon at Wag - Dog Walkers & Sitters, enter code at checkout or app payment. Discount applied automatically to approved services. Enjoy savings on pet care.

Wag – Dog Walkers & Sitters Coupon reviews

The actual service is great, but the app is garbage. It's extremely slow to load, messages sometimes never opens (which is pretty important when a walker is trying to reach me), and there's no way to turn off promotional notifications without also turning off notifications about the service I'm paying for. When the service works, it's great. It's just a shame that the app drags it down so far. I hope to one day be able to revise this review and say it's gotten better, but it hasn't in years.

The app only halfway works. I can't save special instructions, I have to call in to get anything fixed. The lockbox itself is not wag but it won't let me change it to a personal lock box, which there is a destination for. It takes forever to load when people try and send me videos or communication for the appointment that's happening. You'd think with the amount of money they charge you a year to be a member and what they charge for walks they could at least do a halfway decent.

It takes minutes to sign in and to load after a few hours outside of the app. If you are extremely patient it will load after a couple minutes, but let's be honest, nobody has time for that. It also takes forever to load my appointments and the app experience is clunky and hard to use. I decided if the app is that bad, I should just use the website instead. It doesn't show the same services I booked in the app which makes me a bit nervous on if I have it booked correctly.

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