Victoria’s Secret is a well-known American retailer of women’s lingerie, beauty products, and accessories. With a strong emphasis on luxury, glamour, and sensuality, the brand has become synonymous with high-quality lingerie and intimate wear. Victoria’s Secret also offers a wide range of fragrances, body lotions, and other beauty products, popular among women of all ages.

The brand is famous for its annual fashion show featuring top models and musicians, attracting millions of viewers worldwide. Victoria’s Secret also operates a successful online store, making its products accessible to customers all over the globe.

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Victoria’s Secret Reviews

was such a hassle to just get some bras. first off, it wouldn't let me sign in, so I had to change password. First one I chose said I couldn't reuse password haha but wouldn't let me sign in with that one, how ridiculous. Secondly, it would not except address as it has in the past , put 2 others in would not except either. for some unknown reason, finally excepted one of themsame 3 that ive been trying to put in! Took over an 1hr just to order 4 dang bras. Deleting VS after this for sure.

Any time you swipe to go back ONE page, it takes you back to the main home page. Then you have to find the category you were originally looking at, apply your filters, and then continue on. it's such a reflex to use that method to go back a page, it happens MULTIPLE times. I don't want to use the tiny arrow in the bottom left, it's too far and don't like being forced to use it. (Running the latest update)

it's only good for keeping track of discounts otherwise the app is time consuming to use and navigation leads to alot of the same products. also the way discounts are applied depends on how you put things in your cart so you have to shuffle product around to get the best deal. it's a very bad experience for shopping for my misses.

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