In “Vampire Slasher Hero,” players become a fearless vampire hunter tasked with saving humanity from a growing vampire threat. As the protagonist, players must navigate through dark and eerie settings, utilizing a range of weapons and skills to battle hordes of bloodthirsty vampires. With stunning visuals and intense gameplay, this action-packed adventure offers a compelling storyline and challenging enemies. Test your combat skills and strategic thinking as you confront powerful vampire bosses and unravel the mystery behind the vampire uprising. Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping experience as you step into the shoes of the ultimate Vampire Slasher Hero.

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- "5 silver coins, 2 health potions, 1 enchanted sword fragment"

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- 1. 100 gold coins 2. 50 gems 3. 200 energy potions 4. 5 mystery loot chests

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Vampire Slasher Hero

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CODEExpiration Date
6E48QAWYFebruary 13, 2024
9LMJA7KWYZMarch 17, 2024
F68TOCUGSFebruary 18, 2024
UGBRVP0145ZMarch 24, 2024
8CHW9SIDZFMarch 14, 2024
4AGSEU8NMarch 15, 2024
2SGX6AJ7LEMarch 29, 2024
H1DTWKZSNApril 3, 2024

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  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.

Vampire Slasher Hero Review

If the game was not completely paywall based it would be really fun. The game itself is fun to play, but the boss of each world is a huuuuuge difficulty spike unfairly so and the dungeons and defense you unlock are too hard to even clear as you unlock them. Can't clear first dungeon unlocked at lvl 20 and I'm now level 30. If they balance the game it would be awesome, but doubt it will change. People will not spend money to progress, to enhance the expierence is one thing!

Overall a fun game. Sadly the short intro from the original version is missing. Something about Shanghai or Bangkok.

The game is very good though it does need a few changes here and there. I like the fact that is f2p and offline which is perfect a bit annoying with the ads after each stage but cant really complain about it. But starting world 7...that is literally god mode tried a few builds, strategies with 0 succes of passing 7-1. Make the respawn rate of enemy lower or the hp scaling of enemy less. Hope you still update the game

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