Undersea Solitaire Tripeaks takes you on an exciting and immersive journey deep beneath the ocean waves. Set in a vibrant underwater world, this addictive card game will captivate your attention for hours on end. Explore the mystical depths as you uncover hidden treasures and unlock challenging levels. With its stunning graphics and smooth gameplay, Undersea Solitaire Tripeaks offers a truly unique solitaire experience. Dive in and embark on an unforgettable adventure beneath the sea in this mesmerizing game of solitaire.

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I love the themes, the characters & the little bit of a storyline. It has great graphics and run smoothly. My biggest complaint is there isn't a mode to just play tri-peak solitaire without all of the challenges that make it hard and frustrating. I'd rather play it in a relaxing mode or even a reasonable time challenging mode, but either way - I want it without the obstacles.

It's a fun game with user friendly controls and enjoyable challenges. However: 1. Powerups have to be selected at the beginning of the level, and you don't get to choose when you use them. The whirlwind is especially useless because it is placed into the draw pile wherever the game chooses, and it frequently removes three cards in a way that is actively harmful to your odds of winning. This decreased the level of enjoyment considerably. 2. Ads for bonuses won't play about 60% of the time.

Used to get 6 to 10 tokens for the scrapbook stickers, now only get 3 to 6. They say it hasnt changed. ? I expect certain degree of difficulty but was looking for something different that was a little more fun and relaxing, less exasperating and infuriating, especially during these times. Apparently chose the wrong game. Great if looking for cute game that's challenging. But if looking for something relaxing and fun, keep looking. At times, this will make you want to throw your phone!

I loved this game but cannot even play it anymore, it freezes, it makes you lose turns, games, can't make moves. I've tried to get help but I can't get thru to them either, it's so frustrating. Moves slow to a point you can't even continue. I'm upset because I did enjoy playing very much and rebuilding the undersea town but I have to close it, after 4-5 games it starts to run slow then stops running at all and hard to get out of it. I hope you can fix the problems, I know I'm not only one.

The graphics and game play are interesting. My problem is that there are levels that are just straight up unbeatable. It's not like normal Solitaire where you can play and there's always a way to win. Here, you could have three different power-ups on one level and STILL not win because everything is just randomly generated rather than strategic. It's frustrating to constantly lose out on coins and other resources, especially when they're hard to replenish. Undowloading the game.

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Solitaire meets scaping: Combine a tri peaks card game with underwater adventure Our all-new update includes bug fixes and performance improvements. Come and enjoy!

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