Truck Driver Crazy Road 2 is a continuation of the famous game, and you again need to transform into a truck driver that transports unusual goods. If you are ready to plunge into an unforgettable adventure, do not hesitate. The fact is that you will have to ride through unique areas, call at a factory, carry cargo through forests and mountains, sometimes even volcanoes.

The product should not deteriorate, its safety is valued. Try to become a leader in this business, driving skills and accuracy will be tested every minute. Among the features, it is necessary to highlight the study of 3 locations, unique parking lots, chic graphics and specific physics.

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JGp3CYxxxxx Get

- Gold x6932K, Gems x263, Coins x34157

kZBgOzxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x519, Money x38754, Resources x8371K

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
2Kz89pvehamApril 11, 2023150
Zig8vxVeok7pMarch 14, 2023935
YCO8QtdK1kMay 5, 2023621
mbu3odDV6nwMarch 24, 2023928
PBxkylKqesvApril 9, 2023867

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Its ok but started to feel boring to me after awhile. Its just not all that challenging. Except for a few bumps in the road and a log or two that can be easily passed. All the roads start virtually feeling the same. Theres only one truck and u cant even customize it in anyway. Destination points r nothing but platforms u drive up on, very uninspiring. Why not make des points actually buildings.

Galaxy Note 9 review! Gameplay is very smooth using the highest graphic setting. Thank you so much for porting this game to mobile. On PC it was fun too. The game is pretty simple and fun. Also, it is educational. This goes to show to parent's that games can be educational. In the future can you add more places to explore in free mode and more vehicles?

Didn't expect this game to be this good. The physics are surprisingly well. This game also feels kinda realistic. But the gameplay are too simple. This game have a lot of potential. I think you should start making truck simulator game, that would be great. (Truck simulator has a lot of fans on mobile, it should be worth it).

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Become a better carrier of the goods! 1.32
What's new:
In-game settings
Possibility to arrange buttons on the screen and adjust their scale
Fixed an issue when hitting objects, the camera stays in place
New interface in the menu and the game
Side mirrors
Transparency removed on water
and other changes!

Newly Updated Code:


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